Official Actions to be Taken Before Marriage

Your adventure that started with the marriage proposal continues at full speed and the point you have finally reached is to make your union with the person you love official. Official procedures and paperwork...
Wedding Costs from A to Z

Wedding Costs from A to Z

After the marriage proposal and the meeting of the families; If the ceremony of asking for a girl is done with the order of Allah and the Prophet's Kavli, let the wedding preparations begin! Let the wedding preparations begin, of course, but...
Girl's Side, Bride's Side

What the Girl's Side Should Do

They say a girl's house is a house of temptation; you have passed the temptation. The asking for a girl ceremony has been held and now the countdown has begun for the wedding preparations to begin. In the wedding preparations phase...

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The latest additions from the wedding guide.

Wedding Planning Guide

What you need to know for a stress-free wedding.

Bridal Guide

Golden guides we have prepared for brides before and after the wedding.

Before Wedding

All information about promise and engagement procedures is here.

Who is Invited to the Bridal Bath?

Accompanied by the Şarköy folk song "Will there be any play from that hill to this hill, will there be any play from that hill to this hill, will there be any satisfaction for Nazife'de Hanım at the age of fifteen?"; counting eighty, ninety, one hundred...

Great Ideas for a Home Engagement

Have you heard that question you have been wanting to hear all your life, answered "yes" and now you are getting ready to take one of the first steps on the road to marriage? Do you want to start your relationship before the wedding...

Wedding Ring Models

Wedding rings, the symbol of marriage, vary according to the preferences of couples. Let's examine together which are the aesthetic wedding ring models of this symbol of commitment. Adorned with Stones...

Home Decoration

Decorating ideas to make your home more beautiful.

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