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Bridal Hairstyles Decorated with Flowers

Hairstyles decorated with flowers are among the most popular trends of recent years. Flowers that provide both a natural and romantic look are on women's special occasions...
A'dan Z'ye Düğün Masrafları

Wedding Expenses from A to Z

After the marriage proposal and the introduction of the families; If the ceremony of asking for a girl with the Prophet's Kavli (God's command) was held, let the wedding preparations begin! Let the wedding preparations begin, of course, but...

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Wedding Planning Guide

What you need to know for a stress-free wedding.

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The golden guides we have prepared for brides before and after the wedding.

Promise and Engagement Guide

All information about the engagement and engagement procedures is here.

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Crochet Bath Washcloth Models

If I were to add a title to you today called "things you should have in your dowry", I would add crocheted bath washcloth first. Bath loofahs are among the items that we come into direct contact with our bodies.