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Bohemian Country Wedding

Bohemian Country Wedding

Brides-to-be with a bohemian style, this style bohemian country wedding for their own. What needs to be done for this is quite easy. The decoration materials to be used in the decoration of the wedding venue should be preferred accordingly. Everything is complete with the bride-to-be's choice of wedding dress, hair and make-up preferences in this direction. If you wish, you can also decide how the guests will dress. After all, you are the star of the day, no one will mind!

  • Choosing a wedding dress for bohemian style: Let's first talk about what kind of wedding dress you should choose to reflect your bohemian style. Considering that those who prefer to dress in bohemian style create a style by combining vintage, hippie and ethnic elements; you can choose bohemian wedding dresses from vintage ones. Wedding dresses with ethnic details bohemian country wedding will be very suitable for the concept. Recently preferred 2-piece wedding dresses are a great example of this. In order to carry ethnic traces, it would be a nice alternative for your wedding dress to carry hand-knitted lace details. In addition, lace wedding dresses are ideal for reflecting the bohemian style with the right accessories and hairstyle. A shabby wedding dress made with a comfortable and thin chiffon that gives you the feeling that it will slip off you will also reveal your free spirit and elegance.
  • Bridal Hair and Makeup: For bridal hair, hairstyles where the hair is left open using natural waves and accessories worn on the forehead are suitable for this style. In addition, gathering the hair in a loose braid without using accessories will also appeal to brides-to-be who love bohemian style.

Bohemian Country Wedding Venue Decoration

After choosing the wedding dress, hair and make-up, it's time bohemian country wedding The decoration of the venue... With the different decoration products you will use to create a wedding environment that appeals to the bohemian style, you can have the countryside wedding you dream of and give your guests an interesting experience.

  • Decoration of the wedding area and the bridal path: The version of the carpet used on the bridal path with ethnic patterns can be a nice choice. Dry branches, herbs, flowers can be used in the decoration details. In the decoration of the wedding tag, colorful fabrics and macrame braids can be used to create a decoration that appeals to the bohemian style.
  • Tent The tent detail, which is one of the symbols of ethnic elements and free spirit, is also a nice decoration option to use in the wedding area. In this sense, authentic-looking decorated tents will do the trick.
  • Lighting products: Multicolored ones can be preferred in the selection of lighting products that appeal to the bohemian style. Lamps and lanterns detailed with colored crystal stones or with interesting shapes can be used. In addition, decorative lamps made by placing lace embroidery inside are also a nice decoration alternative for this style.
  • Wedding venue decoration: Vintage metal products, objects with an aged wood look, lace and tassels can be used to decorate the wedding venue. The use of incense is another option to reflect the authentic atmosphere of the wedding venue.




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