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What Should You Pay Attention to When Choosing a Bridal Veil?

If, in addition to finding your dream wedding dress model when purchasing your wedding dress, you also chose a wedding dress according to your wedding concept and body shape, you are on the right track. If you want to be a glamorous bride who looks gorgeous on your wedding day; At this point, it is very important that the accessories you will use with your wedding dress are the right choices. In this article, we have compiled for you what you need to know about the bridal veil, which is used as a wedding dress accessory and the saying "there is no bride without a veil" has a place in our culture. We do not think that you will have any questions about this issue after reading our article that contains all the details about how you should choose your veil. So, if you are ready, let's move on to the details.

veil and Wedding Dress Matching

The first factor you should consider when choosing your veil; Compatible with your wedding dress veil models It is your choice. The model of your wedding dress, your wedding dress fabric, and the color of your wedding dress are the issues you need to consider at this point. If the color of your wedding dress is white, you should not choose an off-white veil. Likewise, a cream-colored wedding dress and a pure white veil will also create an unpleasant appearance. The fabric of your wedding dress is also an important factor in terms of harmony in your veil choices. Using a lace veil over a wedding dress made of satin fabric may be an example of an incompatible choice.

Before going into detail about what your veil preferences should be according to your wedding dress models, let's talk about another issue you should pay attention to. When choosing your wedding veil; We recommend that you do not choose a very eye-catching veil that will overshadow your wedding dress. Your wedding dress should be the star piece and the star of the wedding should be you in your wedding dress. Let's talk about what kind of veils you should choose according to your wedding dress models...

Simple Wedding Dresses

If you have chosen a plain white dress or a simple A-cut wedding dress, you can use your veil as a simple tulle veil. To add some movement to your veil, you can wear it in two layers, with the short and long pieces overlapping each other. Another option you can choose for simple wedding dresses is an embroidered, beaded and stone veil. It will add some movement to the simplicity of your wedding dress and give you a nice look.

Ambitious Wedding Dress Models

If your wedding dress is a very eye-catching model, we recommend that you choose simpler veils. If you have a stoned, embroidered, shining wedding dress, you can choose to use less embroidery or stones and beads on your veil. Thus, while achieving harmony with your wedding dress; You will also avoid an eye-tiring, excessively shiny appearance.

Veil for Lace Wedding Dresses

If you have a lace wedding dress, you can choose a simple tulle veil or choose a veil that uses the same lace as your wedding dress. You may need to make sure that the density of lace used on your veil is less than that of your wedding dress. Otherwise, your veil will cover your wedding dress. Especially tulle veils with lace details on the edge provide a very nice look in lace wedding dresses.

Helen Style Wedding Dresses

Although it is said that there is no bride without a veil, there are brides who look very nice with a bridal crown. If your wedding dress is a Hellenic style wedding dress, you can choose to wear a crown in your hair or use forehead accessories instead of a veil.

How Should Your Veil Be According to the Length of Your Wedding Dress?

The model of your wedding dress allows you to make choices about the model and fabric of the veil you will choose. The length of your wedding dress will have an impact on what size veil you will use. If your wedding dress is long, you can also keep the length of your preferred veil longer. In fact, a veil carried by the little bridesmaids can be quite nice for your wedding. In veils that go down to your feet; You can use a veil of any length you wish, making sure that the length of your veil does not exceed the skirt length of your wedding dress.

For midi or mini wedding dress models, it is not appropriate for your veil to be longer than your wedding dress. If your wedding dress is short, you should choose a veil that reaches your waist or is at elbow level.

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