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Bridal Bath Organization

How about gathering with your closest friends a few days before your wedding day and having a nice hammam party while you relieve your tiredness and stress from the wedding preparations with soap bubbles? Or how about a wonderful bridal bath time where you can count up to eighty, ninety, one hundred, accompanied by the Şarköy folk song? (Whatever High High Hills means for the henna night, the Şarköy Folk Song is the same for the bridal bath, not without singing it and spilling the worms while singing it). The tradition of the Turkish bath, which has been practiced for brides-to-be since ancient times, continues to exist today. Although the bath environment, which used to be used by the mothers-in-law to filter the bride-to-be, is nowadays more for entertainment purposes, it is a separate pleasure that a traditional event is still being continued. In this article, we will be answering questions such as what is the tradition of the bridal bath, how is the organization, who covers the costs. If you want, let's quickly move on to our topic.

What is the Bridal Bath and How is it Organized?

You shouldn't say what a bridal bath is, because the bridal bath is one of the most important events before the wedding. It can also turn into an entertainment where you can experience the concept of henna night and bachelorette party together. You can come together with the women of your family, your closest girlfriends and the women in your future husband's family, and after a hammam with reeds, you can walk down the aisle in your wedding dress, refreshed and refreshed.

You can use a historical hammam in your city or the Turkish bath and spa center of hotels to organize your bridal bath. Since both hammams and hotels already provide services in this sense, the organization officials will offer you a package. At this stage, where you will determine the details of your organization, you need to specify your wishes. You can choose a concept where henna night and bridal bath are together, or you can choose an organization where only the bridal bath will be held. After specifying the date and time of the organization, the only thing you will do is to go and enjoy this fun when the time comes...

Henna Night and Bridal Bath Organization Together

If you have decided to have your henna night on the day of your bridal bath, we can talk about the general outlines of the program that awaits you. Henna nights are now organized by professional teams. Dance, music, entertainment and refreshments are provided by an organization company, and the bride-to-be traditionally wears a bindallı. If you have figures prepared with the dancer team before the henna night, you can make a surprise opening and let your guests have a good time. After the fun starts, you can have your bridal care after the wolves poured, the bellybutton thrown and the delicious treats eaten.

The Clothes You Will Wear in the Bridal Bath and the Materials You Will Use

We have mentioned that you need to agree with a hammam or a hotel spa center to make a bridal bath and determine the day and time. Let's talk about what you need to take with you to the bridal bath, hoping that you have specified the number of guests during the agreement.

The dress you will wear on behalf of the bridal bath dress should be a bindallı if it will be a henna night. If you are thinking of doing the henna night separately, you do not need to take a dress for the bridal bath with you. It will be enough to use a loincloth. If you are meticulous about this issue, if you cannot use the loincloth given by the hammam, it is useful to get one yourself.

Also, do not forget to take your personal care products such as scrub, soap, shampoo, comb. All of these products are usually available in the baths, but it would be a better option to use your personal products that you always use instead of ordinary products. A mask for skin care can also be one of the products you will take with you. Again, if you do not want to use the towel provided by the hammam, do not forget to take your towel or bathrobe with you.

To open a parenthesis here, considering that the bridal bath is a traditional practice; traditionally, the mother of the groom will bring you the materials you will need as a bath set. You can prepare small gifts for your guests as a pleasant memory. Small soap pouches, scented oils, lavender pouches can be nice options.

Who pays for the Bridal Bath?

If you are wondering who pays for the bridal bath, let us answer immediately. Bridal bath costs belong to the groom's side. Of course, this may change according to your wishes, but if you want to have a traditional bridal bath; you can use the hammam set that your mother-in-law will offer you and allow the groom to pay the bridal bath expenses.

Who is Invited to the Bridal Bath?

Start with Your Own Environment

Since the bridal bath will be an event that concerns you more, you need to determine the guest list. The most important point that will affect the number of guests is your circle of friends. It will make your job easier if you first divide your friends into groups. When you consider your school friends as your university, high school and primary school friends, if any, add the friends you are still very close to and keep in touch with each other to the list. Then, when you add the ones you are close to from your colleagues and the friends who are likely to reproach you for not inviting them after the bridal bath, we can say that your number of guests is almost certain. You will not need to invite your close friends whom you see as sisters. They will be with you at every stage of your wedding preparations. It is very likely that your mother will step in here to invite her own friends; at the point where she says "let's invite your aunt so-and-so too, she will be offended", for your mother's sake, you can open a quota for a few of your favorite aunts in your guest list.

Who Should You Invite from the Groom's Side?

If you want to have free and enjoyable fun at the bridal bath, you should think twice about inviting people you do not know and with whom you are not comfortable. These people are likely to be relatives of your future spouse. The people you should invite from the groom's side should be your mother-in-law, aunts-in-law, your sister-in-law and sister-in-law, if any.

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  • I think it's one of the traditions that are about to be forgotten. I think we get married once and we shouldn't deprive ourselves of this.

  • I think the bridal bath is a very old tradition, either there is no one around me who practices this tradition anymore or I have not come across it. Anyway, I think people's bath culture is completely dead now.

  • I think the most important part of the preparation falls to the bride's friends 🙂 After all, what we can do is limited by our imagination! So the better prepared we are, the better it will be.

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