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bridal maykage for round faces

Bridal Makeup for Round Faces

How should bridal makeup be done for round faces? Let's talk in detail about which applications give correct and perfect results.

People with round facial features have almost the same length and width of their faces. People with round faces do not have very prominent cheekbones and have a round chin. The most basic feature that distinguishes the round face from the square face shape is that they have distinct and non-cornered facial features. Bridal makeup for round faces can give excellent results when done by professional hands. For this reason, it may be a good decision for you to agree with a well-known and reliable make-up artist. Let's talk about the details of makeup applications...

Round Face Makeup To-Dos

  • Contour Application: The purpose of contouring is to make the face reflect an ideal appearance as much as possible. By applying shading techniques on the face with the use of illuminant and bronzer, it is aimed to make each face type resemble the oval face, which is the ideal face type. Makeup tricks for round face How to do it? If we come to the details of the contour application for this; Apply a foundation that is 2 tones darker than your skin color as a sloping line approximately 2 fingers wide across your entire forehead, accepting the roots of your hair as the road line. Draw a thin line along the two lines from the end point of your eyebrows to the sides of your nose. For shading that will make your face look thinner, apply a thin layer of dark foundation along the line starting from the edges of your ears to the edge of your lips, then evenly distribute all the lines with the help of a sponge. You can use the illuminator where you do not use bronzer. In other words, you should apply it on your forehead, the center of your chin and under your eyes.


  • Blush Usage: We have stated that the cheekbones of people with a round face are not prominent. You can emphasize your cheekbones with the use of blush. While the contour application creates the lines of your face, you can make these lines more prominent with other applications. You can decide the blush you will apply in a line from your cheekbones to your temples according to your skin color.


  • Eye Makeup: The advice we would give to our round-faced brides-to-be in terms of bridal makeup would be to have a remarkable eye makeup. You can look gorgeous on your wedding day with makeup that emphasizes the eyes and lips. Therefore, the makeup material that must be used in your eye makeup will be eyeliner. Eye makeup with a prominent eyeliner and misty eye makeup are the most suitable for you.


  • Lipstick Selection: Bridal makeup It is almost over... Finally, when you color your lips with a lipstick that suits your skin color and style, you are ready for your gorgeous wedding day. The point you will pay attention to in your lipstick selection is how assertive you want to look with the colors suitable for your skin color. If we talk in general; If you have fair skin, you can choose a red lipstick with pink and peach tones. If you have wheat skin, you can choose nude tones, and if you have brown skin, you can choose nude tones as well as assertive colors such as damson, red and coffee tones.


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