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how to decorate bridal shoes

How to Decorate Bridal Shoes?

Now, the shoes to be worn under the wedding dress as well as the wedding dress are carefully selected and prepared. In fact, these shoes are almost the leading role in the wedding photos taken. Therefore, every bride wants her shoes to be different and reflect her own style. In fact, it may be easier to do this than you think. In this article, we will be answering the question of how to decorate bridal shoes in order to guide you. We are very confident about bridal shoe decorations because we have many beautiful ideas to share with you. With just a few beads, pieces of fabric, bows, colored pencils and glue, you can be sure that a completely different shoe will emerge!

If you're wondering how to decorate bridal shoes.

Tulle Bridal Shoe Decorations

If you are going to choose a tulle wedding dress, your shoes should match it, right? Shoes with tulle details on the back like a veil are this year's trend. Moreover, it is very simple to make. Glue a pinch of tulle to the heel of the shoe with adhesive and voila. If you wish, you can stick a bead or a stone on the top of the tulle and get a more aesthetic look. However, you should not keep the length of the tulle too long so that it does not prevent walking.

Elegant Pearl Bridal Shoe Decorations

If you want to use a more elegant bridal shoe, pearls will help you in this sense. (We are sure that no one can say no to a bridal shoe covered with pearls.) For this, you can stick flat back pearls on your shoes and get a perfect bridal shoe. You can even achieve a more marginal elegance by using a different color pearl. For example, glittery, pearlescent or off-white pearls will help you a lot in this sense.

Bridal Shoe Decorations for a Country Wedding

Shoes used in country weddings are generally preferred to be more colorful. If you think so too, you can color your shoes. For example, you can stick some of the pieces of the bridal bouquet on your shoes and get a shabby bridal shoe. If your bridal bouquet does not have such small details, you can easily get them from a boutique.

Lace Detailed Bridal Shoe Decorations

If you are going to choose a lace wedding dress, we definitely recommend you to try this application. You can stick half a meter of lace from the fabric store to your shoes and get a nice harmony with your wedding dress. You do not have to use exactly the same tulle as your wedding dress. A similar fabric will provide the same perfection. The important thing is the density and color of the tulle. Also, don't forget to buy the liquid glue you need for this technique.

Beaded Bridal Shoe Decorations

If you have chosen a simple wedding dress and want your shoes to shine, you can create the perfect bridal shoes with crystal and metal stones. You can buy these stones from any jewelry store or you can use your unused necklaces and earrings. Thinly coat the surface of the shoe with adhesive and arrange the stones. (However, if you want to leave gaps between the stones in this technique, we recommend using a colorless adhesive).

Silvery Bridal Shoe Decorations

In fact, glitter bridal shoes are perhaps one of the most made and loved decorations. To do this, you must first get a suitable adhesive for your shoes and choose a colored glitter. (Our favorite glitter color is silver.) Then cover the outer surface of the shoe with adhesive and pour the glitter. After just a few minutes, you'll have a masterpiece that looks like it's been crafted for days.

Illustrated Bridal Shoes

If you say "I will be a marginal bride and I trust my talent in this regard", let's take you this way. Because illustrated bridal shoes are among the biggest trends of recent years. There are even pens specially produced for this job. If you want, you can even draw a landscape picture on the shoes with these pens! But our suggestion would be to draw figures that reflect your wedding concept.

We have answered the question of how to decorate bridal shoes in all details. But of course, there are many different decorations that can be done. So how do you think to decorate your shoes?

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