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Bridal Bundle Preparation

We would like to start our article with a question. Let's see how well our bride candidates know the subject: Do you know when you will come across the beautiful products that come out of the bridal bundle? Not to cheat, but some people experience this excitement in their words, and some in their engagements. Then a few more questions for you: Do you know what an engagement bundle is and what's in it? Don't worry if you don't know, we have compiled everything you need to know, including the bridal bundle list, in this article.

What is Bride and Groom's Bundle?

There may be some among us who don't know: The engagement and groom bundle is the bundle prepared by the boy and girl, within the means possible, for the couple on the eve of marriage. The bridal bundle, also known as the engagement bundle among the public, can contain many different things, especially dowry and care products. (We will mention these one by one under the bridal bundle list heading.)

When is the Bridal Bundle Prepared?

If you are going through a traditional pre-marriage process, you will definitely come across an engagement bundle. Engagement bundles, which vary from region to region, can be of many different types. As we said before, some families observe this custom at the engagement ceremony and some at the engagement ceremony.

Things to Know About Bridal Bundle

The bridal bundle list can be as long as you want. While in some regions, the bride's opinion is taken into consideration while preparing the content of the bundle, in some regions, the content of the bundle is prepared entirely at the groom's initiative. However, if you ask us, it is very important to ask the bride's opinion while making this preparation. (You will agree with us when you see the gifts that should be in the bundle.)

What's in the Bride's Bundle?

One of the most important Turkish customs is for the male party to come with all hands full during engagement ceremonies. Relatives of the groom who comes to the engagement give the gifts that will be presented in the bridal bundle to the bride, one by one. The bundle sometimes consists of 3, sometimes 7-8 packages. You may even see this number increase depending on the way the bundle is presented. However, there are some products that we call the fixtures of the bridal bundle, so to speak, and these are indispensable. We have prepared a list for those who are curious about the answer to the question of what goes in a bridal bundle:

  • Bridal nightgown and pajama set,
  • bridal slippers,
  • Dowry bath set,
  • makeup set,
  • underwear set,
  • Perfume,
  • Dress for engagement,
  • Shoe,
  • Mawlid cover and gauze,
  • Washcloth and booties. (It is an indispensable part of the bridal bundle, especially in Anatolia.)

(Of course, the contents of the products we have mentioned may vary among themselves. In other words, the answer to the question of what goes in a bridal bundle may actually vary.) Now, if you want, let's consider these products in your carefully prepared bridal bundle. Then, let's talk about things that can be gifted to you other than these products.

Nightgown and Pajama Set

We stated that it would yield much better results if the bride expressed her opinions while shopping for the bundle. The reason this; Of course, it is very important to buy the things that the bride wants and likes so that she can use the gifts in her bundle. Therefore, before that big day comes, you need to have enough information to make a choice about it.

Especially when choosing a nightgown and pajama set, you should make your choice according to the criteria you have determined. You can buy the nightgown as a set or in separate pieces. The nightgown set included in the bridal bundle is generally chosen to be white as it matches the wedding dress and symbolizes a clean and happy future. However, you do not have to buy a white suit. If you wish, you can also buy a set in a different color. The main thing you need to pay attention to in this regard is; It is the fabric and texture of the nightgown. In this regard, you can choose cotton, silk or satin. The male side will leave this choice to you.

However, when looking at the whole of the products you choose, it is useful to make sure that they are compatible with each other. Generally, if nightgown, pajama and underwear choices are compatible with each other, it may be better for you in terms of both usage and fit. You do not have to choose your pajama set in the same color as your nightgown. The nightgown is more fancy, the pajama set; You can choose a suit with a more cotton structure and a more comfortable cut.

Bridal Slippers

Perhaps you should think a little more than necessary when choosing bridal slippers, one of the most familiar products of bridal bundles. Is the appearance, comfort or brand of these slippers important to you? First you have to make a decision on this issue. Especially when it comes to bridal slippers, people think of slippers with high heels and an extremely fancy style. However, some brands' bridal slippers models have very comfortable and popular designs. While white color is frequently preferred in this product, as in nightgown sets, you can also determine your preference according to your skin tone or the nightgown color you choose. Although we would like to point out that you do not necessarily have to choose feathered or stone slipper models; There are also many slipper models on the market that make your work easier and give importance to your comfort.

Make-up kit

Are you wondering where the term new bride comes from? Strain your memory a little to remember the new brides you have seen from past to present. Don't most of the brides you know present a profile that is very well-groomed, cheerful, wears new clothes, and pays attention to make-up, being the most stylish at every invitation she goes to, and dressing up? Here are the products used by the bride-to-be after the engagement; It is given to them as a gift in an engagement bundle. One of these gifts is the make-up materials that brides-to-be love to use.

While preparing the bundle, make-up materials are among the most important products that the bride should be asked about and whose opinion should be taken. Women generally prefer to use make-up products of brands they are used to and happy to use. Therefore, if you go and buy a different product; Not only will the bride-to-be's expectations be disappointed, but she will also waste money on a product she will not use. If desired, you can buy different make-up materials one by one and make a set; You can also complete this shopping by purchasing the makeup sets offered by the brands.

To briefly summarize: Make-up items that should be in the bridal bundle; They can be listed as foundation, lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, blush and powder. Of course, this list goes on and on. However, before we finish our article on this subject; We will mention it again when we talk about the extra gifts that can be included in the bridal bundle.

Bath Set

Another product purchased for brides to use after their marriage is the bath set. The bath set includes a bathrobe set and other products that can be used in the bathroom (water mug, bath slippers, bridal purse, etc.). Although in the past these products were available in copper or silver, nowadays you can find more useful products at more affordable prices. The bathrobe set can be purchased only for the bride or as a family bathrobe set. (The family bathrobe set includes both the bride's and the groom's bathrobes, bath and face towels, and bath slippers.)


Perhaps one of the most striking pieces of the bundle and one that you should like the most is the underwear. Remember that you have many options in this regard. Dowry stores design many different underwear models that can especially attract the attention of brides-to-be. Satin, silk or cotton versions of underwear are waiting for you, just like nightgown models. If you want, you can also take a look at the bridal suits. Within these sets, underwear is listed according to its purpose of use. You can buy underwear with lace, ribbons or even tulle individually, or you can also choose more than one underwear in a single set. In teams generally; There are panty types, bra types, tank tops, bralettes, bodsuits, babydolls, corsets and garter sets.


Optionally, a different scent or brand than the perfume used by the bride can be chosen. However, a nice gesture can be made by consulting the bride-to-be and purchasing a set of the perfume she is used to. Including stylish perfume bottles in the bridal bundle list will invite you to a visual feast.

Dress for engagement

Is it possible for a bridal bundle to be without an engagement dress? The engagement dress is purchased entirely according to the bride's liking and wishes and is given to her as a gift in advance to wear that night.


A shoe that matches the engagement dress is given as a gift for the bride-to-be to wear at the engagement ceremony. Usually, high-heeled and flashy shoes are chosen, while a matching bag is presented to the bride. You can choose your shoes according to the season of your engagement and the fabric of your dress; It can be satin, stone, leather, patent leather or velvet. You should also make sure that the shoes are suitable for your engagement outfit and that they are shoes that you can move comfortably in, that do not squeeze your feet and that will not make you feel uncomfortable.

Mevlüt Cloth and Cheesecloth

It is also among our traditions that the groom's mother or other women in the family present gifts to the bride in the bridal bundle. Giving the bride a mawlid cloth and a cheesecloth as a gift is one of the most common bridal bundle customs.

Washcloth And Booties

Sometimes gifts are presented to the bride's mother and sisters, if any, in the bridal bundle. The most important of these gifts are souvenir cheesecloths, washcloths and booties. For this reason, washcloth and booties models prepared with different threads are abundant in bridal bundles.

Extras in the Bridal Bundle

Yes, we called the title of this article extras because you may not see the things we will talk about in this section in every bridal bundle list. That's why we didn't mention these in the "what's included in the bridal bundle" section. The reason for this is that people prepare this bundle in accordance with both their customs and financial means. (Even the main products consisting of seven/eight pieces in a bundle require a certain budget.) Therefore, most of the products we will talk about now are optionally included in the bundle.

Extra things that can be included in the bridal bundle include evening dresses that the bride can wear, shoes, daily clothes, lace hand and face towels, epilation device, hair straightener, scented soaps, personal care products, comb and mirror set, bed linen, socks, fruit to be served to the guests at the engagement. Includes basket and dessert. Apart from these, the groom's side can also include jewelry in the bundle, depending on his financial situation and the means he has. In addition, more special and various make-up materials can be presented to the bride as a separate bundle. In short, there is no limit to the things that can be put in the bridal bundle!

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