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Bridal Car According to Wedding Concept

Every detail is very important at weddings. From the wedding dress to the bow of the chairs, from the lighting to the refreshments, every detail is desired to be perfect. Of course, another detail that is wanted to be perfect is the bridal car. In fact, it would not be right to call the bridal car a detail. Just like the bride and groom, if there is another redbud in the leading role, it is undoubtedly the bridal car and the venue where the wedding will be held. In recent years, the question of how to choose the bridal car according to the wedding concept has started to be asked a lot by couples who attach importance to the concept wedding concept. In general, this detail, which seems insignificant, is actually very important when we consider the wedding as a whole. Here is according to the wedding concept bridal car choice.

Convertibles for Summer Weddings

The summer months are also the months when the wedding season opens. Of course, car rental companies also offer a special catalog for weddings to be held during these months. If you are looking for the most suitable concept for your summer wedding, all of the models we will offer you will be convertibles. Whether you prefer classic or sports, you can sign a magnificent concept with these convertibles. You can even see from the photos how your veil flies while traveling with this vehicle and you can enjoy this moment with pleasure. Moreover, these cars will save you from unwanted pre-wedding situations such as sweating and overwhelm.

Classic Cars for Spectacular Weddings

If you're a classicist and you've chosen a palatial wedding venue and a wedding dress that would make princesses jealous, your wedding car should have the same weight. It might be funny to arrive at such a wedding venue in a pink vosvos. Generally, limousines or retro models special for these concepts should be preferred. We admit that these models are a bit expensive. But we don't think the wedding concept you prefer is cheap either.

Classic Salon Wedding Cars

If you are planning to have a classic hall wedding, there are actually many tools that can be recommended to you. However, it is up to you to make a difference. For example, the color of the vehicle you choose can be far from classic such as blue, green, yellow, pink. You can also make a difference with a honeymoon suitcase that you will place on the top of the vehicle or vehicle eyelashes that you will attach to the headlights. Even bridal cars try specially prepared bow ties and tuxedos. For couples who want to stay away from ostentation, we can recommend classic, sedan vehicles from brands such as Ford, Renault and Opel.

Romantic Bridal Cars

If you've chosen a wedding dress and retro make-up that makes you look like you've stepped out of a Turkish movie, take a look at how you look in old-style classic cars. These vehicles, which you can access from the nostalgia catalogs of car rental companies, promise you a romantic journey. If you can find models like Buick or Mustang, they will be perfect for this type of concept. Don't forget to take a few photos with your car on the way to your wedding venue.

We Didn't Forget Country Weddings

If you are having an outdoor wedding, you have a lot of vehicle choices. However, we think that the most suitable models for this type of wedding concept are open-top vosvos. It is a very striking idea to attend a wedding concept adorned with flowers, with a vosvos also adorned with flowers. Of course, let's also remind you that vosvos are used for hall weddings. This is precisely why we emphasize that you should prefer an open-top vosvos. If the floral decorations you will use are the same as those in your venue, you will also provide integrity in your concept. In addition, Buick model vehicles or classic sports cars will also fit your country wedding concept.


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  • We chose our little vosvos cars with my wife because we love showiness and difference. it was really cute with its decoration and appearance. everyone's eyes were on us. your preferences should be out of the standard

  • My wife and I are thinking of renting a classic car for our wedding. We both have the same taste. Thank you for sharing this article! You really offered a different perspective.

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