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Why is the Bridal Flower Discarded?

Bridal Flower Throwing Tradition

The bridal flower, which is the most beautiful accessory of the bride at weddings, has a lot of importance. Do you know why the bridal bouquet is thrown? In general terms, this flower or a flower specially designed for the flower throwing ceremony, the bride throws it by turning her back to her friends and guests.

If the bride does not want to throw her own flower, a flower that looks like a special bridal flower can also be made for this ceremony. In this way, the friend holding the bride's flower will have a souvenir and the bride's flower will not be spoiled.

Towards the end of the wedding, the bride's friends agree among themselves to throw the bouquet. The bride can wait at the front and her friends can wait at the back in a mixed group of single men and women (not only the bride's but also the groom's single acquaintances should be here).

Why is the Bridal Flower Discarded at a Wedding?

When the bride throws the flower, everyone tries to grab it. According to the rumor, the one who grabs the flower is the one who will get married next. In addition to the girls' desire to grab the flower, boys can often be on the side of running away. And this event can cause funny memories at the wedding.

This ceremony has been a tradition since time immemorial, not only in our country but also in many other countries. The meanings are very close to ours.

This tradition has become more modernized over time. Sometimes brides may turn around and give the flower to a friend instead of throwing it. The reason for this may be the marriage proposal of her friend's lover who is present at the wedding. Events like this, which we see especially on social media, especially affect young girls of marriageable age. Behind the young woman who receives the flower, her lover will be waiting for her on bended knee. Her friends make the young woman turn around and respond to the marriage proposal. Who would say no to such an offer?

After this proposal, the person who receives the flower can be designated as the next person to be married. Of course, these are just traditions and rituals to add color to the wedding.

You never know who will get married before whom. Luck may strike you immediately or it may make you wait a little. The important thing is to choose a spouse whom you can love, to whom you can dedicate a lifetime and who will be there for you in sickness and in health.

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