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bridal makeup for square faces

Bridal Makeup for Square Faces

We are at your side with all the information necessary for our brides-to-be with square facial features to have a perfect make-up on their most special day. We can say that the length and width of the faces of people with square facial features are almost the same size. In addition, the chins of people with square faces are also angular. They also generally have prominent cheekbones. Well bridal makeup for square faces How should it be? Let's talk about it now. First of all, there are different face shapes If you want to get information about our article You can read it here.

No matter what skin type and face shape you have; you should not neglect to apply moisturizer to your skin and lips before starting makeup. In addition, with the massage applied to your skin while applying moisturizer, the blood circulation of your skin will increase and your face will look more vibrant. After sharing this information as an earring in your ear, let's come to the details of bridal makeup for square faces...

How to Make Bridal Makeup for Square Faces

  • Contour Application: The purpose of contouring is usually oval face is to obtain lines. What people with square facial features should do for an oval face appearance is quite easy. By choosing a bronzer that is 1.5 - 2 tones darker than your skin color, you should first draw a line under your cheekbones. Then, by applying bronzer to the corners of the face you want to hide and your temples, an oval shape is obtained on your face. Afterwards, a homogeneous appearance is obtained on your skin by distributing the bronzer with a brush.

Highlighter should be used on the points that are desired to appear in the foreground. In other words, you are ready for your eye makeup after distributing the illuminant you use on the cheekbones, middle of the forehead and chin with a brush.

  • Eye Makeup: Before moving on to the details of eye makeup, it is useful to mention to our brides-to-be. Your eye makeup should be applied immediately after the contour application. When eye makeup is applied after using foundation on the face, the face makeup will be distorted as the face will be touched. After the eye makeup is finished, you can use products such as foundation and fixative. The main point in eye makeup is that it is a remarkable makeup. The eyes can be the most beautiful area that will attract attention on square faces. For this, a misty eye makeup that suits your eye and skin color will be a great choice.
  • Foundation Usage: After contouring, you can even out the color distribution of your skin with a foundation suitable for your skin. You should remember that you should try the foundation on your neck, not on your wrist or hand, to choose the most suitable foundation for you.
  • Blush Usage: The most important point you should pay attention to when using a blush in a tone suitable for your skin is that your blush should not come to the place where you apply contouring. Therefore, your blush should be applied on your cheekbones with the help of a brush. The blushes you will prefer according to your skin color are pink and peach tones, gold and honey colors. While golden colored ones look great on dark skin tones, peach and pink tones give a nice look to fair skin tones.
  • Lipstick We would like to give you a few tips that will be useful for you in lipstick use. If you have small lips, dark lipsticks will make your lips look even smaller. For this reason, it would be a more appropriate choice for our brides-to-be with small lips to use lipsticks in nude tones. You can move your lipstick in matte lipsticks and nude tones slightly outside the lip line. Also, using lip liner will help your lips look bigger.

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