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Dowry Money Conditions - How to Receive?

In this article, we will talk about dowry money in detail. We admit that the subject is a bit boring, but we don't want you to skip something later. If you want, let's start with the questions of what is dowry money and who can receive dowry money. Afterwards, let's answer other questions such as how much the dowry money is, what are the conditions and the documents required for the application.

What is Dowry Money?

The marriage allowance (popularly known as dowry or marriage allowance) was introduced in 2008 to cover the costs of a couple's marriage. The exact equivalent of the dowry is as follows: A lump sum payment made by the state to women who receive an orphan's pension due to the loss of their parents for support purposes, equal to 12 or 24 times the pension they receive when they get married.

Is Dowry Money and Dowry Account the Same Thing?

Dowry money and dowry account are not the same thing. However, we can say that these two concepts are often confused with each other.

The state dowry account, which entered into force in early 2016, is a premium given by the state at the rate of or of the total amount if you regularly deposit money into a bank account opened at least 3 years before marriage and the marriage takes place. In other words, the dowry account can be considered as a different version of the individual pension application. If you want to learn more about the dowry account, you can read this article: Dowry Account and Dowry Support in All Details.

Dowry Money Conditions

Who Can Receive Dowry Money?

Women who want to apply for dowry money must meet two basic conditions:

  • Receiving orphan's allowance for the loss of a parent,
  • Not working in an insured job.

However, there are a few more important details that we should mention at this point: If the widow remarries, her children lose their rights to dowry money. In other words, they cannot apply for dowry money. In addition, if a woman who works with insurance leaves her job, she must have her orphan pension tied again in order to apply for dowry money.

Men have this right did not benefit from also worth noting.

Is There an Age Limit for Dowry Money?

No, there is no age limit clause among the dowry benefit application conditions.

When to Apply for Dowry Money?

If you are eligible for a dowry within 5 years after marriage You can apply for a marriage allowance. (Let us repeat this in case you missed it: You cannot apply until the marriage is solemnized). In other words, in periods exceeding 5 years, your right will expire and you will not be able to receive marriage allowance even if you apply. For example, if you get married on January 1, 2020, you must complete your application by January 1, 2025.

Where to Apply for Dowry Money?

First of all, let us state the following: Dowry money applications cannot be made online. Therefore, you need to apply for dowry money by hand or by mail to the SSI or SSI provincial directorates to which you are affiliated.

However, if you receive your orphan's pension through the Pension Fund and the parent whose monthly salary you receive became a public official before October 1, 2008; you need to apply for the dowry money to the Ankara SGK Public Officials Pension Procedures Department. (Let us also write the open address so that you do not get tired: Sağlık, Mithatpaşa Caddesi No: 7 Çankaya/Ankara. You can use this link to view it on Google Maps: SSI General Directorate of Pension Services. On many websites you can find the address of the institution on Müdafaa Caddesi, but this address is out of date).

If your beneficiary has become a civil servant after this date, you can go to the provincial or provincial directorates of the SSI to which you are affiliated.

What are the Documents Required for Dowry Money Application?

The documents required for the dowry application are as follows:

  • Identity card
  • Marriage certificate,
  • Petition or declaration according to the institution you will apply to.

However, if the date of your marriage is recorded in the civil registry, you do not need to submit a copy of your marriage certificate to the relevant institution.

If you receive your orphan pension from SSK or Bağkur, you can download the petition from here: SSI Income / Monthly / Allowance Request Petition(To apply for dowry allowance, you must select the marriage allowance option in Article 5).

If you receive your orphan's pension from the Pension Fund, you can download a sample declaration that you are not working in any position from here: Declaration Sample.

If you are applying by mail, do not forget to attach a photocopy of your marriage certificate and ID card to your file. We also recommend that you call the relevant institution a few days after sending the documents to ask if they have arrived.

How is Dowry Money Calculated?

How Much is the Dowry Money?

You can find out how much the dowry is as follows:

  • If your orphan salary is calculated and paid through 4/A (SSK) or 4/B (Bağkur); the dowry money you will receive will be 24 times your last salary.
  • If your orphan salary is calculated and paid through 4/C, that is, the Pension Fund, the dowry you will receive will be 12 times your last salary.

In other words, to calculate how much marriage allowance you will receive in total, it will be enough to multiply your last orphan pension by 12 or 24. It should also be noted that the amount to be paid is in advance.

Let us remind you that you can apply for a marriage loan if you need extra financial support. You can read this article to get detailed information about the marriage loan or to see the conditions: Marriage Loan Terms - How to Get a Marriage Loan?.

Are Additional Payments Included in Dowry Money?

No, the calculation of the dowry benefit excludes the additional payments of the pension paid. (This detail is often omitted, which is why it is often assumed that the dowry benefit is underpaid).

How Many Dowry Money Can Be Received?

Dowry money is paid once as marriage support to women who receive orphan pension. It is not paid again in case of divorce and remarriage. In other words, you cannot apply for dowry money separately for each marriage. However, if you did not claim dowry money in your first marriage and you are getting married for the second time, there is no harm in applying.

Is Dowry Money Reimbursed?

No, the marriage allowance (as opposed to a marriage loan) is provided by the state free of charge and without repayment to support newly married women.

Does the Dowry Affect the Widow's Salary?

Another curious issue is whether the widow's salary will be deducted when the orphan woman receives the dowry money. In normal procedures, the entire orphan pension is paid to the widow unless requested. However, if requested, the orphan pension is divided for the mother and daughter in certain proportions. In this case, when the marriage allowance is received, the mother's pension may be reduced slightly for 12 or 24 months.

When is the Dowry Money credited to the Account?

The number of days it takes for the dowry to be deposited into your account depends on how long it will take for the relevant institution to process your application.

Although we cannot give an exact time, we can state that official procedures have been finalized faster recently. In other words, we can say that the average payment period is between 2 and 3 months. (If the workload of the SSI branch where you make your application is not high, your money can be transferred to your account within 1 month).

In order to manage this process more easily, you can follow the notification messages sent by the SSI to your mobile number or you can find out whether the money has been deposited into your account as a result of the checks you will make via e-government.

If you receive your orphan pension from the Pension Fund, this period is between 3 and 4 months. (The reason for this is that applications and payments are made from a single place, namely Ankara).

How to Inquire about Dowry Money?

You can make inquiries about the dowry money from the SSI Personal Payments Inquiry section in the e-government system or via ALO 170.

From Which Bank Can I Get Dowry Money?

The calculated amount is deposited into the bank account where you receive your orphan's pension.

However, you cannot transfer this amount to another bank account belonging to you or someone else through the banking system. On the other hand, if you wish, you can add your bank account to the SSI Personal Payments Bank System via e-government and ensure that your payment is made to that account.

Are Orphan's Pensions Interrupted Upon Marriage?

Yes, orphan pensions are cut off upon marriage. In addition, in case of divorce before two years, you cannot have your pension reconnected until 12 or 24 months have passed since you received the dowry money. (This period varies depending on how many months of dowry money you received.) However, during this period, you can benefit from health services without premium payment.

On the other hand, if you are the beneficiary of a civil servant of the Pension Fund before 01.10.2008, if you get divorced before 12 months, you need to collect the amount for the period missing 12 months. Otherwise, you cannot have your orphan pension reconnected.

Note: The information we have detailed above may have been invalidated due to legal changes over time. Although we update the information we provide to you periodically, please do not neglect to confirm the current information from the relevant institutions before applying.

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