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Choosing a Wedding Dress for a Country Wedding

Country weddings, which are a very popular choice for couples who want to enter the world in the summer season, have been on the agenda recently. When this is the case, the choice of wedding dress for a country wedding is an important detail.

Country weddings, which have a fairytale-like scope, offer romantic themes to newlyweds. In the lap of nature; If you have planned a countryside wedding with a colorful story with flowers and candles; you will need to be careful about choosing a wedding dress. (Don't worry, we will not neglect to share a few suggestions.)

Country weddings held in spring, summer or fall months have wonderful wedding dress designs. The designs that you will choose according to your body structure will integrate with silk and lace fabrics and give a perfect stance.

The Most Suitable Wedding Dresses for a Country Wedding

When it comes to country weddings, the first thing that comes to mind are bohemian style wedding dresses with skirt models that combine flying, chiffon or lace in a simple and yet elegant way. In addition, backless or low-shouldered wedding dress designs are very popular at country weddings.

Brides-to-be who want to have a countryside wedding should be conscious about having a coverage that will move comfortably in nature and on the grass while choosing a wedding dress. For this reason, if you are dreaming of a country wedding in nature; it is recommended to choose simpler designs instead of exaggerated and flashy wedding dresses. It is obvious that a train-shaped wedding dress model with a long train will naturally not fit the theme of country weddings.

Wedding Dress Model Suggestions for a Country Wedding

Princess Skirt Wedding Dresses

2020 princess cut wedding dresses with a flamboyant image among wedding dress designs; It is also popular in country weddings. The most important alternative to princess cut wedding dresses, which have a heavy skirt structure, are wedding dresses with an A-line skirt, which are lighter and have a wider range of mobility.

Narrow Cut Wedding Dresses

Although many brides-to-be think of princess cut wedding dresses when it comes to wedding dresses, it is an undeniable fact that these designs are not a comfortable choice for country weddings. Having a light structure has made these models a very good option for country weddings. Narrow-cut wedding dresses that attract attention with retro-style designs; It adds a simple, stylish, nostalgic and elegant atmosphere to the bride at country weddings. In general, narrow-cut wedding dresses decorated with lace stand out with their back decollete.

A Cut Wedding Dresses

A-line wedding dresses, which take their place among the wedding dress models that are on the agenda for country weddings with their A-line skirts that do not have an excessive puffy structure; With a rich model alternative and being suitable for almost every body type, it fits perfectly with the wedding theme for country weddings held in the summer months.

Bohemian Wedding Dresses

Another wedding dress model that comes to mind when it comes to a country wedding is the bohemian wedding dress. Bohemian wedding dress designs where comfort and naturalness come to the fore; chiffon air skirts have an asymmetrical folded design. Thin lace workmanship adds a different spirit to the wedding dress designs that use thin shoulder or arm straps as well as draped sleeves or sleeves.

Vintage Wedding Dress Designs

Vintage designs, which are among the most suitable wedding dresses for country weddings, are definitely the right choice for some brides-to-be. Stone embroideries applied on tulle or lace, hidden back decollete definitely add a striking atmosphere to the bride when it comes to country weddings.

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  • The choice of wedding dress, which is important for every wedding, is of particular importance for a country wedding. Since my wedding was in the country garden, I preferred a very different wedding dress because many factors changed according to the wedding hall. It was close to vintage style but not exactly vintage.

  • Country garden weddings have a different pleasant atmosphere, so I wondered about the models. thanks for the article.

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