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Decoration Ideas for a Country Wedding

The countryside wedding, which is highly preferred by those who want to have a pleasant wedding ceremony in spring and summer, has freer, more original and endless options for organization and decoration ideas. In other words, when it comes to country wedding decoration, we can say that the decorations can extend to your imagination. Because it is easy to adapt the bold applications required for that different and magnificent wedding that dreamy, childish and crazy brides-to-be dream of to the countryside wedding concept. Without further ado, let's move on to country wedding decorations and decoration suggestions.

Decorating Ideas for a Country Wedding in Spring

Spring is one of the most ideal seasons for a country wedding. Of course, provided that the venue of the country wedding has taken precautions against the possibility of rain! In spring, nature comes to life again, is decorated and becomes colorful. If you use this magnificent reflection of nature for the decoration of the countryside wedding, you will have a heartwarming, spacious and chirpy wedding area.

If you are wondering which applications brides-to-be who want to have a country wedding in this season can turn to, you can take a look at the decor suggestions we have compiled for you.

Chair Decorations

Dressing and decorating the chairs where the guests will sit can be done in a way that reflects the spirit of spring. Pink, white, sky blue can be preferred in the colors used for this. With the use of colorful spring flowers in chair decorations, a very colorful and pleasant image will emerge.

Table Decorations

If you are organizing a country wedding with dinner, table decorations are also important for country wedding decoration. In table decorations, you can emphasize the effect of spring by placing colorful spring flowers in the middle of the table. In addition, white tablecloths and decorative small trees also look very nice as table flowers.

Tree Decorations

There are usually trees in the countryside wedding areas. Decorating these trees in accordance with the general concept adds a different atmosphere to the wedding venue. In order to reflect the vibrant and energetic enthusiasm of spring to tree decorations, our decoration suggestion would be to make a colorful wish tree. Gorgeous trees adorned with flowers with colorful fabrics on them...

A Swing Covered with Flowers

A swing covered with flowers will also be a nice detail in the countryside wedding area, both as a decorative material and as an alternative that will please your guests who will want to take photos.

Wedding Ceremony Area and Bridal Path

Now close your eyes and imagine. You are on the arm of your future husband and you are heading towards the wedding venue. You have taken your first step on the bridal path; a white carpet with pedestal ornaments on the edges and colorful spring flowers on it. As you walk, colorful tulles are flying among the flowers in front of you and behind you. It's not over yet, keep closing your eyes, you have arrived at the place where your wedding will take place. You are in front of the tag covered with flowers and flying tulle, and you are ready to say yes to the officiant's question forever.

Service Stands

Different decorative products can be used in the stands to be set up, especially if you want the treats to be given to the guests to be organized as an open buffet. In addition, choosing sweet treats with a colorful presentation can also reflect the enthusiasm of spring.

Decorative Lighting

Lighting products are the hidden heroes of space decorations. Although they do not stand out in the decorated area, they are indispensable for decoration as they change the atmosphere of the space. In order to use lighting products that carry the spring atmosphere for a country wedding; lamps with flowers attached can be preferred. In addition, different visuals can be presented to the guests with gigantic chandeliers in the area where the wedding ceremony will be held.

Decorating Ideas for a Country Wedding in Fall and Summer

Country Wedding Decorations for Summer

In order to reflect the warm and sunny weather of the summer season to the wedding area, the countryside wedding is very favorable in terms of decoration. If you want to enter the world in a cozy and warm atmosphere, these suggestions may be useful for you.

Colorful Balloons

Balloons, one of the symbols of happiness and joy (provided that they fit your theme), are a nice detail for a cheerful summer wedding. They can be used for table decorations as well as for decorating the bridal path.

Bridal Path

Flowers can be used as an alternative to carpet in bridal path decoration. You can go step by step to happiness through the colorful flowers scattered on the ground.

Table and Chair Decorations

When decorating tables and chairs in the summer concept, you can be free with original objects and decorative products. You can use candlesticks, serving dishes colored with flowers, ornate objects that can be a pleasant memory for the guests in table decorations. For chair dressing and decoration options, you can consider fabric and flower combinations using the colors you like together.

Country Wedding Decorations for the Fall Season

Autumn is the season when nature is adorned with the most beautiful colors (at least in our opinion). Green, yellow, red tones are together in harmony. Without further ado, here are some decoration ideas for those who plan to have a country wedding in the fall months.

Vintage Decorative Products

If you want your wedding venue to have a romantic and authentic look by reflecting the fall effect, you can choose vintage products as decorative objects. An aged wood-looking sign showing the wedding area, placemats, vintage candlesticks will do the trick in this sense. You can also choose vintage and wooden tables and chairs.

Flowers in Soft Colors

When using flowers in the decorations of the wedding area, the soft colors of the colors you prefer will allow you to capture the atmosphere you want.

Dried Leaves

Dried leaves can be used as a nice decoration material to reflect the autumn spirit in the decoration of the bridal path or the floor decoration of the wedding area. In addition, cones also provide a beautiful appearance for the decoration of the countryside wedding in the fall in table decoration and general space decoration.

At the end of all these conversations, we can imagine that you are thinking about how I will deal with so many details and how I will keep up. For this reason, we recommend you to work with a good organization company and take a look at the examples of country weddings they have done before for a perfect wedding.

Is a Country Wedding for You?

Imagine that you are walking towards the wedding podium to say "yes" to living the happiest days of your life with your future spouse by passing through the colorfully decorated bridal path in the lush green nature, shining lights as if competing with the shining sun. If this dream makes you very happy, a countryside wedding may be a suitable choice for you.

After determining the wedding venues suitable for your budget, it's time to choose a wedding dress. Well, do you know which wedding dresses are suitable for a countryside wedding? You can read our article to find out: Wedding Dress Selection According to the Wedding Venue.

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  • I definitely recommend a countryside wedding, especially those with a large family / relatives group should have a countryside wedding.

  • We are thinking of having a country wedding. I learned from your article that this requires a lot of decorations.

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