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family duties at a wedding

What are the Duties of Families at a Wedding

When it comes time for the marriage of their children, who are an important part of their lives, whom they have cared for, raised, educated, even sent to military service, and tried to get a good job, families will undertake both the happiest and the most difficult tasks of their lives. The duties of families at a wedding what are their cultural obligations. What cultural obligations they have to fulfill.

In the weddings to be held while stepping into a new life, important duties fall on the families as well as the newly married couples. Families They will both fulfill their responsibilities in the organization of the wedding and will significantly lighten the burden on their children.

Apart from tradition and cultural duties, young couples also ask their families to help them with some of their burdens.

What Families Do at a Wedding

A wedding is an important organization not only for young people but also for their families. There are a number of cultural and emotional duties that fall on the families of both sides, starting from the cutting of the promise until the end of the wedding.

Duties of the Bride's Family

Within the bride's family, the father of the bride has the greatest responsibility. The bride's family family duties at a wedding Although it varies from region to region, in general, the father of the bride has important responsibilities to fulfill during the wedding.

Duties of the Father of the Bride

When it comes to the bride's reception; although this practice is not always on the agenda in our new generation; it is an important and traditional custom for the bride's father to tie a red sash around the bride's waist. After tying the sash, the father of the bride gives his daughter her allowance for the last time in our customs and takes her in his arms to the groom and delivers her with his own hands. These highly emotional moments are the most difficult task for the father of the bride.

The duties of the bride's mother and father continue throughout the wedding until the last guest leaves. They welcome the guests, take care of them and see them off one by one as they leave

Duties of the Mother of the Bride

The mother of the bride is always with the bride and supports her not only during the preparation for the wedding but also throughout the wedding. Determining the location of the guests, protecting their belongings, protecting the bride's jewelry are among the duties of the mother of the bride. While standing by her daughter's side at all times, the mother supports her daughter in introducing relatives she has not seen for a long time or who are far away; she is also responsible for welcoming and seeing off the guests.

Duties of the Bride's Brother and Sister

If the bride has a sister, she helps the bride to get ready. The sister of the bride is the head of the bridesmaids. If an after party is to be held after the wedding, the organization belongs to the brother or sister of the bride.

When the groom arrives, it is the brother of the bride who opens the door. According to our traditions, it is the brother of the bride who receives a tip from the groom to open the door and receive the bride.

Duties of the Groom's Family

According to our traditions and cultural structure, wedding expenses are covered by the groom's family. Wedding organization is therefore a responsibility of the groom's family

Duties of the Groom's Mother

The mother of the groom, like the mother of the bride, helps in welcoming and seeing off the guests by waiting in front. In addition, she reminds her son about the guests and makes sure that he meets his daughters-in-law. The mother of the groom is responsible for the comfort and convenience of the guests.

Duties of the Father of the Groom

Preparing the wedding procession, taking the bride by holding the drum and zurna family duties at a wedding among them. He assists the groom during the bride's reception. Covering the wedding expenses is undertaken by the groom's father as his family. Among the duties of the father of the groom is the distribution of tips.

Duties of the Groom's Brothers and Sisters

If the groom has a brother, he is also the best man. He helps the groom prepare for the wedding and always supports the groom during the wedding process. The groom's sister also helps the bride. If the groom will not take the bride out of the room at the wedding; the groom's sister takes the bride out.

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  • When families do their part in budget planning, it is really very easy for their children and a peaceful marriage is ensured. If parents take responsibility for both the budget and what to do, there are no problems.

  • It is a great burden on both the bride's family and the groom's family. It is also important to fulfill it well in terms of the course of the marriage.

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  • provides useful information by explaining the duties of families. The suggestions in the article provide good tips for families and their duties to make the wedding run smoothly

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