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how the first dance at the wedding should be

How the first dance at the wedding should be

How the first dance at the wedding should be

While your preparations for the wedding are in full swing, there must be a few magical moments during the celebration of the first step you will take in a new life with your guests. The most important of these magical moments is undoubtedly your first dance.. First dance at the wedding The answers to small problems such as how it should be, which song to dance to, which choreography to choose; will add a different color to your wedding night.

Recently, most newly married couples don't want to dance a slow composition to a stereotypical melody for their first dance. They want to add creativity, special compositions, even humor, drama and stories to create a first wedding dance that will be remembered for a lifetime.

The enchanting duet of the bride and groom during their first dance will fill the atmosphere of the wedding hall with tenderness, love and sensuality.

What is the First Dance at a Wedding

There is no rule that all married couples will have a sense of rhythm, flexibility, grace. And it is obvious that many people are quite incapable of this. Especially in our country, most of the men do not accept dance as one of the qualities that a man must have. You may have noticed that in most of the weddings you come across, the first wedding dance is actually the first dance of the bride and groom. If you do not want to have a first dance that will not be remembered and will lose its importance, you should definitely make preparations beforehand.

The details you should pay attention to while preparing your first dance with your spouse and life partner at your wedding:

  • Decide on your first dance format together with your partner or with the support of a professional teacher
  • When choosing the rhythm and style of your first dance, care should be taken to ensure that the size of the dance floor in the hall where the wedding will be held, the covering of the floor, the shape of the groom and the wedding dress, and even the shape of the bridal shoes are suitable for the dance choreography you choose.
  • Considering that a long dance tires the guests and causes them to lose interest, make sure that your dance time is not too long.
  • Once you have decided which music, which choreography and how long it will take you to dance, you can start training.
  • Rehearse your first dance. After the first rehearsal, continue rehearsing by wearing the shoes you will wear at the wedding. Watching your final rehearsals on video will help you see and correct any aesthetic mistakes you make during the dance.
  • Make sure that the first dance rehearsals are held in areas suitable for the runway in your wedding hall. In this way, you will increase the visuality by using details such as columns and steps in place.

How to make your first wedding dance unforgettable

The first wedding dance for newlyweds has become an important tradition not only in our country but also around the world. The couples' first dance, which has become a symbol of the new life they will build together, and their harmony in the dance is almost an indicator of their relationship.

Therefore first dance at the wedding It is a very important detail that it tells you and your story. The most important detail in this regard is to make the dancing couples feel that they enjoy the dance they are doing. For this reason, you should somehow reflect your own personality, relationship and story in your first dance.

  • If you don't have much experience in dancing, the wedding waltz, which has the easiest choreography, is the most suitable for you.
  • Tangos are among the more complex types of dance that require effort and a special performance. If you have a colorful, sharp, passionate or complex personality, the tango for your first dance consists of figures that will best tell the story of you and your partner.
  • Latin dances have become quite common for the first dance. However, since it is often contrary to the bride's clothes, it enters a ranking that must be carefully selected.
  • The rumba, known as the dance of love in the first dance, contains figures that best describe your mood.
  • Classical movie soundtracks or current music include rhythms that are suitable for the first dance that may come up according to your mood or personality. Many young people now prefer to dance their first dance to current music that tells their own stories, rather than to well-known music.
  • Cultural Music (Wedding Zeybe)

What to Consider in Your Wedding Dance

For newlyweds first dance at the weddingAlthough it takes two or three minutes, it is the most important detail. These three minutes should be remembered with a smile for both the newlyweds and the audience for a lifetime. There are many ways to make this first dance more spectacular;

  • You should make sure that the music you choose for your first dance consists of a melody that does not go out of fashion over time. The message given in the song is also very important in this regard. If the song you choose is in a foreign language that you do not know, be sure to research its story. Avoid songs about longing, loneliness, bad endings or separation
  • Take care to choose different compositions.
  • Do not keep your dance time too long. Make sure that it is in a time interval that will enjoy the moment, that the interest can continue without interruption, and that the audience will not get tired.
  • Take lessons from a professional instructor on wedding dances
  • Consider your emotions when choosing your choreographer.
  • You can design an effective dance choreography using special effects (e.g. flying balloons, exploding firecrackers, rainbows, soap bubble generators, flying confetti, etc.)
  • Before the first dance, you can use videos you have already shot (shopping, a meal together at home, a walk together, a shared coffee). A short love story can be re-enacted in a minute or two, and a memorable introduction can be when the heroes of the story come and start dancing while everyone watches attentively.
  • You can add color to this unforgettable moment by connecting your friends to your first dance with the choreography you have prepared beforehand.
  • Your first consultation should be purely a story dance.

Nowadays, most newly married couples don't want to dance a slow composition to a stereotypical melody for their first dance. They want to add creativity, special compositions, even humor, drama and stories to create a first wedding dance that will be remembered for a lifetime.

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  • I have always dreamed of my first dance at the wedding, I think it is one of the most romantic moments, the first. I would like the song to be the song that my husband and I choose together and we say this is our song.

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