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How to Match the Groom's Suit and Wedding Dress?

Matching Groom's Suit and Wedding Dress

That's right matching wedding dress and groom's suit and people get excited when their dreams come true. They want everything to be perfect. Especially if the dream to be realized is marriage, the details get in the way. From the venue to the choice of wedding dress and groom's suit, everything is considered to the finest detail. It is hoped that the wedding will be remembered with smiles in the days to come. Because it is one of the most special days in a person's life. It should be like in fairy tales.

Therefore, every stage should be considered and done completely. One of these stages is how the suitability of the groom's suit and wedding dress should be. Groom's suit and wedding dress harmonydoes not depend on a single criterion. Before matching, it is important to make sure that the choice of wedding dress and groom's suit is correct.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Wedding Dress?

The most beautiful part of the wedding is always the bride. Therefore, all details from the wedding dress worn to the preferred accessories are of great importance. Especially the right choice should be made in the wedding dress. There are some tricks in choosing a wedding dress. Here are those tricks...

  • Body Style

The most important point to consider when choosing a wedding dress model is body size. Because wedding dress models are not designed for all body styles. Therefore, before buying the wedding dress models you like in stores and magazines, you should definitely check their suitability for your body style.

There are some cut models considering body styles. These are princess, A-line, straight toilet, fish and bell skirt models. Each model is suitable for different body styles.

Fish wedding dress models are not suitable for people with hips and wide hips. Because it is a narrow cut and causes the imperfections in the hips to come to the fore.

Bell skirt and A-line wedding dresses are suitable for people with wide hips and hips. In addition, those with a thick waist can wear it with peace of mind. Because these cuts do the eye trick. In other words, it provides a beautiful appearance by hiding the hips and hips.

Straight toilet wedding dresses are suitable for short brides-to-be. Since it is a straight cut, it will make the person look taller.

  • Wedding Dress Fabrics

Used in the making of wedding dresses fabricsis of great importance in choosing a wedding dress. Because fabric is an indispensable factor in wedding dress design. The patterns and cuts made on the wedding dress are designed according to the preferred fabric.

Body style, season and the place where the wedding will be held should also be considered in the fabric of the wedding dress. Many fabrics are preferred for making wedding dresses. The most preferred of these fabrics are lace, brode, cordone, guipure, silk, satin, taffeta, tulle, chiffon, organza, brocade, ziberlin, mikado, crepe and rayon fabric types.

Body style, season and wedding venue should be taken into consideration separately for choosing the right wedding dress. Seasonally, lace, brode, cordone, guipure, tulle, chiffon, organza and rayon fabric types can be preferred for spring and summer weddings. For the fall and winter months, brocade and ziberlin fabric types can be worn. Satin and taffeta fabrics are suitable for all seasons.

In body style, cuts are taken into account. Lace, satin, taffeta, tulle and chiffon fabrics are used for A- and princess cuts. Crepe is preferred for narrow and simple cuts. Brode fabric is suitable for all types of cuts.

Finally, the wedding venue should be considered. Weddings are usually held in historical places, countryside, beaches, halls or hotels. Lace, guipure, tulle, ziberlin and brocade fabric types can be worn for weddings in historical places. Taffeta fabric type can be preferred in salons and hotels. Chiffon and organza fabrics can be worn for countryside and beach weddings.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Wedding Suit?

Groom's suit and wedding dress harmony the choice of groom's suit is very important. Otherwise a harmony cannot be achieved. There are two points in the choice of groom's suit.

  • The Importance of Parts for Matching Groom's Suit and Wedding Dress

A groom's suit does not consist of a few pieces like a wedding dress. It creates integrity with the combination of many parts. These parts are pants, shirts, vests, jackets and accessories. Since it is similar to a tuxedo, it is preferred in tuxedos at weddings. The important thing here is that these pieces harmonize.

First of all, the groom's suit model should be suitable for the body type. The suitability to the body type can be easily understood from the shoulder. When the groom's jacket is worn, the jacket should not hang from the shoulder. In addition, the sleeve length should be enough to cover the wrists at most. It should also feel comfortable while moving.

After the body type, the groom's suit pieces should be chosen correctly. A pleated shirt is usually worn in groom's suits. Optionally, a plain, white shirt can also be preferred. Sleeve length should be considered when choosing a shirt. Sleeve length should be 2-3 cm more than the cuffs.

The choice of pants should be based on height, waist width and comfort. It is important to have one finger gap in the waist width. Height should be up to the ankles. It will be healthier to measure by wearing shoes.

Finally, attention should be paid to the choice of accessories. Bow ties are generally preferred for suits. However, a tie can be worn according to taste. The bow tie should be made of satin and silk. Black and burgundy colored bow ties are frequently used at weddings. Shoes and socks should be black and thin. The collar handkerchief should be silk or linen.

  • Wedding Venue

The venue is an important criterion in groom's suit selection. Therefore, the groom's suit should be chosen according to the wedding venue. Black or white tuxedos should be worn for weddings to be held in historical venues and halls. For countryside and beach weddings, a white shirt and linen fabric pants can be worn. T-shirts can be preferred instead of white shirts.

With these two tricks, the right groom's suit can be chosen. However, some points should be considered during the purchase. The suit should be free of scissor cuts, dirt and the colors should be vibrant.

How to Match the Groom's Suit and Wedding Dress?

Groom's suit and wedding dress harmony is quite easy to provide. Because harmony is achieved spontaneously when choosing the right wedding dress. Nevertheless, if you want to make sure that harmony is achieved, some points can be taken into consideration.

The first of these issues is color harmony and patterns. The first wedding dress model can be selected. Then, a sample of the wedding dress model can be used in the selection of the groom's suit. In order not to take a risk on color, a black tuxedo can be preferred. Black tuxedo is suitable for every wedding dress model.

Rehearsal is important for harmony. Before the wedding matching wedding dress and groom's suitcan be achieved precisely through rehearsals. Therefore, any change of decision must be rehearsed.


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