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Bridal makeup for heart faces

Bridal Makeup for Heart Faces

Although this changes from time to time, you usually become a bride once. That's why everything has to be perfect on your wedding day. The details of your wedding venue, your wedding dress, your hair, your make-up... Of course, don't let this perception stress you out, do your best in the right way and don't think too much about the aftermath. You can accept some minor setbacks and mishaps as an evil eye. How to make bridal makeup for heart faces?

As long as you know how to do your bridal makeup for your wedding day, you will not leave your job to chance. If possible, make an agreement with your hairdresser and makeup artist for a rehearsal before the wedding. Makeup according to face shapes You can impress your guests with your bridal makeup made by applying techniques. For detailed information about face shapes, please visit this to our article you can take a look.

In this article, there is information we have compiled for our brides-to-be who have a heart face shape. What are the makeup techniques that should be applied for the heart face shape? We will be explaining these. Make yourself a Turkish coffee and take a look at our article while sitting back and sipping your coffee.

How to Make Bridal Makeup for Heart Faces

  • Contour Application: In make-up applications or haircuts, every face shape is generally tried to resemble the oval face shape. Therefore, haircuts are applied individually with different contouring techniques. We can say that the heart face shape resembles an inverted triangle. A wide and open forehead and a pointed chin form the facial features of people with a heart face shape. With the contouring technique, the forehead becomes less wide and the chin gains an appearance close to normal. Heart face contouring If we come to the application; For this, take a foundation 2 shades darker than your skin color. With the foundation, draw a slanted line from your forehead to your temples on both sides, after applying it to your jawbone, distribute the bronzer with the help of a sponge. To shade your nose, start from the center of your eyebrows and apply bronzer along the edge line of your nose and distribute it with a sponge. After using the illuminator, the contouring process is over. You need to apply the illuminator in the center of the forehead, nose and chin, and along the line from your eye fountains to your under eyes.
  • Eye Makeup: One of the face shapes that intense eye makeup will look best on is heart faces. Both misty eye makeup and those made with the use of intense eyeliner will give you a nice look. One detail that should be applied in your eye makeup is that light tones should be used around your eye fountains. Apart from that, you can make your eye makeup with shades suitable for your skin color and eye color. If we talk in general; green-eyed brides-to-be can have misty eye makeup in red tones, brown-eyed brides in earth tones, and blue-eyed brides in gray tones.
  • Foundation Usage: When buying foundation, we recommend that you try your foundation on your neck to make sure that you get a tone that suits you. The foundation applied to your skin after your eye makeup will make your skin look flawless on your wedding day.
  • Blush Usage : The cheekbones of people with a heart face shape are usually protruding. For this reason, you should prevent your cheekbones from becoming more prominent when using blush. You can apply blush lightly on your cheekbones in a round shape outside the contouring area. The one in natural tones according to your skin color will be a more suitable option for you.
  • Lipstick Brides-to-be with a heart face shape can draw attention from the chin to their lips by making their lips look more voluminous. For this, you can use a lipstick or gloss in natural tones by overflowing your lips. Using lip liner will also make your lips look fuller. Even if your eye makeup is assertive, lipsticks in striking tones will look nice on you. Therefore, do not hesitate to use a bright red lipstick if it is compatible with your general makeup. If you prefer natural options, you can use a lipstick in nude tones.


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