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henna night accessories

Henna Night Accessories

Henna nights, which witness the most indispensable moments of weddings, have various accessories. Shaped by the taste of brides and guests, these henna night accessories Let's examine it together.

Henna Throne

Henna thrones are a throne where brides sit and are used when burning henna. Since the harem concept is very fashionable today, most brides prefer the henna throne. In the old times, the bride used to sit on a chair and henna was burned. Nowadays, the henna throne is frequently used in henna night concepts that have changed in shape. You can rent a henna throne for the henna night by agreeing with the organization companies.

Henna Tray

Henna tray is one of the indispensable accessories of henna nights. There are candles around the henna in the tray. The henna tray is round and usually decorated with red tulle. This tray, in which the henna is placed, is rotated on the bride's head and the henna burning process is started. There are models produced in a specially embroidered way. Optionally, you can use a flat tray. But make sure it is round.

Henna Gifts

The most colorful part of henna nights is the distribution of souvenirs to guests. In the past, this custom was limited to bags of nuts. Now, guests are given a wide variety of gifts. There are all kinds of materials you can put in tulle. Nail polishes and lipsticks are among the most frequently used henna souvenirs. Optionally; feathered mirror and candy box can also be used as a souvenir. Even jewelry boxes, wristbands and hairpins can be alternatives to these gifts. With a little creativity, you can multiply these gifts.

Henna Packages

At henna nights, henna is not only burned on the bride. Guests are given dry henna packages. Guests can take the henna home and burn it. Henna packages are used to realize this subtle idea. Usually the date of the henna night and the name of the bride are written on these packages. You can design the henna packages, which are seen as a small souvenir for the guests, in the form of small cardboard bags.

Henna Pouches

Henna pouches are usually distributed by the groom's house. The Turkish delights and candies in these pouches sweeten the mouth. Optionally, these pouches can be filled with aromatic scented plants such as lavender. In this way henna night accessories in which the memory of the wedding can be immortalized by keeping it at home.

Halay Handkerchiefs

Halay is one of the indispensable games of weddings. It is impossible not to enliven this unique show with sequins and colorful handkerchiefs. For this reason, colorful and sequined halay handkerchiefs are distributed to the people who dance halay at henna nights. In the old days, using a handkerchief was not a problem. The head of the halay would dance by taking out a white handkerchief from his pocket. With the increase in the number of organization companies, colorful and great-looking halay handkerchiefs are designed. Halay handkerchiefs with pearls, sequins, glitter and shiny fabrics make the dance show spectacular.

Henna Jug

The custom of the henna jug is a remnant of ancient times. henna night accessories with a quantity. However, it has been adapted to the present day and has a very modern air. A medium-sized henna jug is filled with various coins, candies and wheat and given to the bride. The bride plays around the sitting groom for a while and breaks the jug by throwing it on the ground. This is believed to bring luck and good luck. It is widely believed that breaking the jug is done to remove the evil eye. The reason for the jug is that the soil is sacred. The jug that the bride will break must be decorated with a red tulle. In order to be suitable for the bride's henna, it is decorated with a red tulle and made suitable for henna.


Bridesmaid Shawls

The bridesmaid shawls used by the bride's girlfriends and young relatives on henna nights are colorful. They are distributed by the bride and the bridesmaids are given a small souvenir. The shawls are tied around the shoulders or head. If you want flashy bridesmaid shawls; You can distribute sequin and glitter models to your friends.

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  • Henna night accessories are really diverse. Because of social media, everything has become ostentatious. And people feel obliged to buy these accessories.

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