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What is the Henna Night Flow?

The most important factor that ensures the success of organizations is good planning. In the henna night organization, which is very important for the bride-to-be, we will talk about how the henna night flow should be planned, how the bride and groom will enter the henna night. If you have received help from an organization company, we can state that they have already mastered the planning processes. Nevertheless, it may be beneficial for you to be familiar with the details in order to maintain control.

If you are organizing your henna night, making a planning and assignment days before your henna night will ensure that you have a henna night without any problems and that you will have a lot of fun. The planning of your henna night varies according to a traditional or modern henna organization. So let's first explain how the traditional henna night flow happens.

Traditional Henna Night Flow

If a traditional henna night takes place at the father's house or at the henna venue; first of all, the guests are expected to come to the henna area. As the guests enter the henna area, they are welcomed by the relatives of our bride-to-be. During the welcome, you can offer cologne to the guests if you wish. While the guests come one by one to the place where the henna ceremony will be held, appropriate henna music can be started to be played. About an hour before the ceremony starts, you can distribute the snacks and drinks you will offer to the guests to the tables.

If you have created an area in front of the house and in the gardens where only chairs are arranged without a table for the henna ceremony, you can put the dried nuts you will offer to the guests in snack bags for one person. You can distribute single-serving packaged fruit juices and snack bags with a few people when all the guests arrive.

After the guests arrive at the henna area, a red cloth is placed over the bride's face and a green cloth is placed over the groom's shoulders. Then the bridesmaids take candles in their hands and line up opposite each other to form a corridor for the bride and groom to pass through. The bride and groom pass through this corridor and sit on the henna chair placed in the center of the henna area. The maid of honor holds the henna tray and the other guests hold candles in their hands and form a circle around the bride and groom, singing traditional henna folk songs under dim lighting.

After these folk songs, the henna lighting ceremony begins. A person designated by the bride-to-be ensures that the henna is burned. There are some traditional practices during this time. You can learn what these are from the article ...Henna Night Customs. After the henna lighting ceremony; the bride's face is opened and she can have her first dance with the groom or they can play together with a fun folk song. The traditional henna night continues with entertainment after the henna lighting...

Modern Henna Night Flow

Let us tell you how you should plan for a henna night organization that combines traditional customs with some modern practices. If you have agreed with professionals for your henna night, your bridesmaids and maid of honor usually consist of the organization team. Of course, you can also create a bridesmaid team consisting of your friends, this depends entirely on what you want.

The organization company makes the necessary arrangements in the henna area. Such as the installation of the throne, the arrangement of the music, the refreshments to be given to the guests...

Entrance of the Bride to the Henna Night

After all the guests arrive at the henna area; the bride's entrance to the henna night is realized with a big show. After a joyful entrance with a dance show prepared by the bride and her bridesmaids with a fun song; the entertainment continues until the henna burning ceremony with songs that the guests can dance and play.

As the music changes for the henna lighting ceremony, the bride disappears for the henna preparations. Brides-to-be can change their clothes at this time and wear a bindallı or caftan. The bride, who is brought to the henna throne in a traditional way, is covered with a red veil. As mentioned above, the henna burning ceremony is performed.

Entrance of the Groom to the Henna Night

The entrance of the groom to the henna night can take place after the henna is burned, or the henna burning ceremony can be held with the bride and groom together. After the arrival of the groom to the henna area, the bride and groom dance their first dance and then play together with fun songs. At this stage, you can distribute cookie bags and henna gifts to the guests.

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