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How Much Does It Cost to Get Engaged?

When you decide to get engaged, there are a few questions you need to answer. Do you plan to have the engagement at home or in a different place? Who do you plan to invite to your engagement? What preparatory steps are required for your engagement and how much budget should you allocate for the engagement? When you want to have your engagement at home or at a venue How much does it cost to get engaged? Let's explain in detail.

The Budget You Need to Allocate for a Home Engagement

First of all, let's start with the answer to the question: Who does the engagement belong to? Traditionally there is a saying that the girl's side makes the engagement. As it can be understood from here, the engagement costs belong to the girl's side. If you want to learn in detail what the girl's side should do during the wedding preparations, you can take a look at the Wedding Preparations that the Girl's Side Should Make. It can also help you in the process of engagement preparations at home. How to Make an Engagement Organization at Home? You can also read our article. Let's talk about which expense items will occur while organizing an engagement at home! 🙂

  • Engagement Table Decoration: You can make a choice that appeals to your style for the decoration of the engagement table. For this, in addition to classic models, modern ones and floral models are among your alternatives. In general, the table decoration set includes; jardiniere, candlestick, vase, engagement tray, backdrop decoration. The prices of these sets can start from an average of 300 TL and go up to 1000 TL.
  • Engagement Cake The engagement cake can be custom-made in accordance with your engagement concept and table decorations. You can also consider engagement cake options that you can buy ready-made. Although it varies according to the number of people, we can state that the average price of an engagement cake for 20 people is around 400 TL.
  • Catering You can prepare your treats that you will present to the guests at the engagement ceremony yourself at home or you can also benefit from catering services. For this, you can ask for offers from catering companies in your city. If you want to make an agreement with a company that makes home cooking for a small organization, you can pay a fee of 50 TL for a tray of pastries and 50 TL for 1 kg of olive oil wraps.
  • Engagement Outfit: The groom's side traditionally buys the engagement outfit. If you want to buy your own outfit, you should allocate an average budget of 500 TL for an elegant and simple dress for the engagement ceremony at home.
  • Engagement Ring The engagement ring is traditionally bought mutually. In other words, the girl's house takes what the groom will wear and the groom's side takes what the bride will wear. The pair of engagement rings is around 1500 TL on average.


How Much Does an Engagement Ceremony in a Hall Cost?

Let's talk in detail about how much budget you need to allocate for an engagement organization in a hall with an average capacity of 200 people.

  • Engagement Venue Rental Fee: The fee you will pay to rent your engagement venue will of course vary according to the city you are in. For clear information, you can request an offer from the halls in your city according to the number of guests. In big cities, we can state that the amount you need to pay to the venue for an engagement ceremony with 200 people invited is around 10 thousand TL on average.
  • Engagement Organization: The budget you need to allocate for the company that will organize your engagement is around 3000 TL on average. Processes such as decoration of the engagement venue and decoration of the engagement table are managed by organization companies.
    Engagement Cake: The average price of your engagement cake, which you will present to your guests and cut with a ceremony, will be around 1500 TL. We can state that this price will increase even more if there are custom-made and different requests.
  • Catering Service: You can get offers from catering companies in your city according to the treats you will offer to your guests. For a cocktail-style menu, you need to pay an average of 1500 TL to catering companies.
  • Engagement Dress: You can choose your dress for the engagement ceremony to be held in the hall to be a flashy model in accordance with the concept. To learn the details about this How to Choose the Right Engagement our article may give you a clue. Your engagement dress is traditionally bought by the groom's house. The amount you need to pay for your engagement dress that you will wear in the hall is around 500 TL minimum. For engagement models with puffy skirts, you should pay an average of 1000-1500 TL.
  • Engagement Hair and Makeup: You should make an appointment with your hairdresser at least a week before your engagement day. We can state that an engagement hair and makeup in harmony with your dress and face shape will cost you an average of 300 TL.
  • Engagement Ring: The prices of engagement rings vary in very wide ranges. If we need to give a price based on classic wedding rings, you can get a pair of engagement rings for an average of 1500 TL.

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  • Engagements are usually not that expensive, but weddings are very expensive, especially for the male side.

  • I think the cost of an engagement varies considerably depending on the person you invite. If you prefer to do it among the family, it will cost much more.

  • Although it used to be reasonable in the past, unfortunately with the current economy, both engagement and wedding can cost high prices...

  • I have about 1 year to my engagement, but I still don't even know where and how much I will go and where and what I will do, I benefit from the information here, I am waiting for your comments.

  • It might be a better idea economically to do the engagement at home. This is the era of economy and it costs a lot more to make a big engagement now, unfortunately.

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