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How Can I Convince My Wife to Dance at the Wedding?

How Can I Convince My Wife to Dance at the Wedding?

Starting from your childhood, the most beautiful dream you have about your wedding is your first dance with your prince on a white horse, hugging each other to romantic music. So, what if the groom doesn't want to dance when it comes to your dream wedding? At this point, you are facing a very important problem. How do I convince my wife for the wedding dance? This problem will either be solved or it will be solved. This is your dream and you cannot give it up.

Most newly married couples are reluctant to dance the first dance. There may be different reasons underlying this reluctance. Yes, dear brides; your job is actually quite difficult. First of all, you need to understand the main reason behind this reluctance.

First, you should find out why your partner does not want to have a first dance.

A first dance show that embellishes your dreams; that will be engraved in the memories of both you and your guests for a lifetime; that you will be proud and emotional in your video recordings is definitely a great idea. But what if your partner is against it? What if he doesn't want to share the same dreams or the same feelings with you? Then you are faced with two alternatives. Either you will give up this lifelong dream or you will find a solution by finding out why the groom does not dance.

Although there are many different reasons why grooms are reluctant to dance the first dance, in general, the main source of this mystery is based on not knowing how to dance. If this is the only problem, the solution is quite simple. I recommend you to find a good choreographer or wedding dance teacher and get in touch immediately.

An experienced teacher of wedding dances will help you and your partner choreograph the best choreography and create a great dance performance. However, if the groom absolutely refuses to be a partner in this harmonious endeavor, we recommend that you do not push your partner too hard. There is no rule that says you can't have your first dance with your father or a family member or even your brother.

The reasons why grooms generally do not want to dance the first dance at weddings are categorized in three main groups:

  • Your partner has a serious or public temperament and thinks that his/her public image with the first dance will harm this serious temperament
  • Doesn't know how to dance
  • Prejudices on traditional issues

Tips to Persuade Your Partner for the Wedding Dance

If your partner is reluctant and rigid about having a first dance with you, don't blame him or her for being indifferent to your dreams and not sharing these special feelings with you. Let's share a few tips that will help you reach a harmonious solution not only for the first dance but also for the future. What do you think?

  • If your partner is thinking of leaving you alone on the dance floor for your first dance because they don't know how to dance, you have a very easy solution. You will find a good wedding first dance teacher. But you need to find a way to bring up this topic without overwhelming your partner. For example, you can start by saying; I want to have a beautiful wedding but I need help with this. The first tip in marriage is to be able to reflect your thoughts to your spouse as if they were your own.
  • You can work in a choreography such as a waltz or a tango that will not shake the groom's temperament or seriousness, and will even win the appreciation of the audience.
  • If he has a traditional and conservative nature, you don't have to force him by asking him to dance with the groom. Zeybek, which has recently become a popular privilege at weddings; wouldn't you think it would be nice for your first dance?
  • By taking your spouse to a wedding dance lesson hall, you can help him/her get rid of some of his/her prejudices by seeing the warm atmosphere of the venue, the cheerful atmosphere of the lessons, the sympathetic and caring attitudes of the instructors.
  • Sharing videos of first dances from previous weddings with your partner can both share your dreams and your enthusiasm. Videos are definitely an incentive. Which groom or bride has not put themselves in the shoes of the groom or bride while watching a well-choreographed first dance video?
  • What lesson is it to tell your partner excitedly about the first dance you dreamed of or the first dance music you chose, maybe to get him excited too?
  • Among your friends who have been married before you first wedding dance you can talk to the couples who are buying and get the groom interested. Remember, you are the bride. This is your wedding. This is your life partner. When he sees how eager you are, he will want to break you. You have the trump card, don't forget that. Just find the right path.

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