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Choosing an Engagement - How Should It Be?

If you have reached the stage of the engagement ceremony, which is an important stage in the wedding preparations that accelerate after the groom-to-be drinks his salty coffee; you can find the answer to the question of what kind of evening dress I should wear at the engagement between the lines while taking a break from your preparations and sipping your coffee. Tips on which details you should consider in order to make sure that you choose the right engagement dress are in the rest of our article...

Engagements You Can Prefer According to the Venue

The first thing you need to determine before making your engagement-related purchases is where your engagement will be held. The engagement ceremony can be held at your home or at a different venue outside your home during the day or evening at any time you want. In order to make it easier for you to decide, let's tell you how you should make your engagement choices according to the place and time you will make your engagement ceremony.

If you are going to hold your engagement ceremony in a different venue outside your home; your options may vary depending on whether the venue is open or closed. If you are thinking of a sincere and natural concept for your engagement ceremonies in the open field; Engagement dresses with flying skirts and mini-sized engagement dresses will be a nice choice rather than puffy models. For a flamboyant engagement in cocktail form, you can choose an engagement dress with a long skirt, fish form, stone details or details such as embroidery and lace.

If you are planning to have an engagement ceremony in a ballroom or a hotel, puffy and assertive engagement dresses will be very appropriate. If engagement dresses with puffy skirts do not appeal to you as a style; You can choose flowing dresses with tails, flared cut or fish form. Especially dresses with lace details and transparent appearance and evening dresses with embroidery on tulle fabric will be the answer to the question of what to wear in the engagement made in the hall.

How to Choose an Engagement Dress According to Body Type?

In fact, the most important issue that is effective in all your clothing choices is how you should dress according to your body type. For this reason, when choosing an engagement dress, you should turn to a dress according to your body type. Basically, there are four body types: pear, apple, hourglass and rectangle. If you do not know which body type you are, you can read this article: Body Types.

Since the wide hips of the pear type are the area that needs to be camouflaged, you can choose A-cut dresses. The model you should stay away from is the ones in fish form.

In the apple body type, large breasts need to be camouflaged, so you should choose dresses with a simple upper body. V-neck cuts will also suit you very well.

If you have an hourglass body type, you can present yourself with a fish-shaped engagement dress.

For our brides-to-be with a rectangular body type, straight shaped dresses will look great.

Make a Choice in Line with Your Engagement Theme

Another factor that affects your color and fabric preferences in your engagement choices and what kind of style you will sign is your engagement theme. If you create an engagement theme in which an object or thing that is important to you and your future spouse is used in the details, you can choose the color and style of your dress accordingly, and you can even use that object somewhere in your dress. Let's come to the question of what to wear for an engagement at home...

How Should You Choose for Your Engagement at Home?

Simple engagement models will be more suitable for your engagement ceremony at home. The length of your dress can be mini, midi or long. Especially lace dresses are extremely suitable for the engagement ceremony at home. Since you will be in a narrow space at home, we recommend that you do not choose engagement models with puffy skirts. This will both make it difficult for you to move and it will be too exaggerated for home.

Color Preference in Engagement

When choosing an engagement dress, if there are dresses in different color tones of the same model, it is quite natural to be undecided about which one you should choose. The most important thing that affects your color preferences is the color that suits your skin. For this reason, our recommendation is to turn to colors that reflect you more vibrant, energetic and full of life.

You can also use the colors of the seasons in your dress preferences. You can choose colorful flying dresses in spring, an engagement dress in soft colors in autumn, dark tones such as burgundy in winter, and energetic, chirpy tones in summer.

Is an Engagement Dress White or Black?

Although there is a white engagement dress on the cover of this article, we recommend that you do not use black and white colors in your engagement preferences if possible.

Black color can be a very gloomy choice if the right accessories are not used and if you do not wear vibrant hair and make-up. Using white color in your wedding dress can be more effective for your future spouse and your guests to see you in white for the first time on your wedding day.

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