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How to Have a Double Wedding?

Would you like to experience a very romantic and modern version of a double wedding, a common practice in Anatolia? Then let's give some details on how to have a double wedding...

What is a Double Wedding?

In Anatolian culture, it is usually the parents who take care of a boy's wedding and a girl's dowry. (The very funny Turkish movie Düğün Dernek (Wedding Association) touches on this very subject, and we recommend you watch it if you have the time.) Whatever the circumstances, it is a matter of pride for parents to organize their children's weddings. As such, it was a very common practice in the past to marry brothers who were close in age with a single organization and a double wedding. This practice, which continues today, can be preferred by couples both in its traditional version and in a more modern way.

Who Does a Double Wedding?

Twins or Siblings Close in Age

We see that most of the people who enter the world with a double wedding are twin siblings or siblings who are engaged and have one or two years of age difference between them. Considering that the relatives and close friends they will invite to their weddings are almost the same people, it makes sense for them to experience double happiness with a single wedding. Because organizing a wedding is a challenging process as much as it is enjoyable.

Friends as Close as Brothers

A double wedding is also a good option for people who are as close to each other as brothers or sisters and are engaged at the same time. The important thing here is that everyone is eager to have a double wedding. In other words, it is an important condition that both the groom-to-be and the bride-to-be want it wholeheartedly. Although a double wedding sounds quite fun and enjoyable, your wedding day is your most special day. You may want to be the only bride in the wedding area, which is your most natural right.

What are the Advantages of a Double Wedding?

We can state that a double wedding has many advantages for those who will have a wedding. Of course, almost all of these advantages include financial reasons. Let's talk about the gains you can achieve by having a double wedding...

You Can Use Your Dream Wedding Venue

If you've started planning your wedding, you've probably realized that you need to budget for every step you take. The most important and largest item of wedding expenses is usually the amount to be paid to the wedding venue. If you are planning a double wedding, we have good news for you: The budget you will allocate for the wedding venue is half of the amount you have to pay! Another good news is that you can have the wedding of your dreams by sharing the costs with the other party in a venue that you cannot include in the options because it would exceed your budget...

A Wonderful Honeymoon

When planning the wedding budget, if you don't have an unlimited budget, there are some things you have to sacrifice, and this can usually be a honeymoon vacation... The most important advantage of entering the world with a couple with whom you will share the wedding expenses in half is that you will be able to plan your honeymoon more easily after the wedding. With your remaining budget, you can have a wonderful honeymoon vacation anywhere in the world. For example, the Maldives... Why not?

Less Wedding Stress

When you think that you have to control the whole process, your wedding stress will multiply considerably. What if you had someone to share the wedding venue and the wedding preparations with? Of course, your wedding stress will be much less. Sharing the stage with others can even be quite relaxing for our timid brides-to-be.

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  • We are actually thinking of a double wedding to reduce costs, we don't know how it will be, but we don't feel comfortable sharing our special moment with others, no matter how familiar they are.

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