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How to Organize an Engagement?

You are step by step approaching the happiest day of your life. You have come a long way since the day you met the person you love. First you got used to each other, then you met your families, and then the ceremony of asking for a girl was held. Now it's time for the engagement ceremony where you will announce to all your relatives that you will get married... Some of our bride-to-be candidates have already started to ask themselves how to make an engagement organization and worry. Do not worry at all, in this article, we have compiled what to do step by step for our brides-to-be who want to make an engagement organization in the hall. (But if you want to make your engagement at home, you can read this article: How to Organize an Engagement at Home?)

How to Organize an Engagement in the Hall?

Determine the Number of Guests

Before determining the venue where your engagement will take place, you need to determine the number of guests. You can choose different places according to the number of guests and this will directly affect the budget you will allocate for the engagement. When determining the number of guests, you can aim to invite your closest ones. You can invite your wider circle to your wedding.

Engagement Venue Preference

Generally, engagement organizations are held in a friendly and pleasant environment. If you have a large number of guests, you can celebrate your engagement ceremony in a large and flashy hall; however, if you have a small number of guests, you can organize your engagement organization in restaurants, in a café environment, in a garden or in small ballrooms of hotels. Here, rather than the physical environment of the venue, it is important how the organization company will make that place look.

Organization Company Selection

In order for your engagement ceremony to be an unforgettable organization that you feel comfortable with; the organization company you will agree with is very important. It may be better to go to the meeting after reviewing the previous works of the companies you will meet on their websites or social media accounts. There will definitely be an organization company that is closer to you and whose style you like more than others. Let's talk a little bit about which processes are involved in organization companies.

  • Decorating the engagement venue: The most basic work of the organization companies is the decoration of the venue according to the concepts. You can decorate the engagement area by determining your concept with the company you have agreed with for the organization of your engagement. Engagement organization materials are also provided by companies.
  • Decorating the engagement table: We don't think you are unfamiliar with the subject, but it is still worth mentioning. Because the engagement table is a big deal. The decoration, concept and decoration of that table competes with the decoration of the engagement venue. The engagement table is decorated by the organization company in line with your tastes. Generally, silver accessories, colored balloons and flowers are used to create a table that looks great and will take place in most of your photos.
  • Souvenirs You can present small gift packages to the guests attending your engagement. Among these souvenirs; engagement candy, scented candles, small figurines. If you do not want to deal with another company, you can also request your gifts from your organization company.
  • Installation of Sound, Stage and Light Systems: The music to be played at your engagement, your first dance music, stage lighting are among the tasks to be performed by the organization company.
  • Catering Service: If you do not want to deal with getting this service, which is provided indirectly rather than directly by the organization company, from another company; you can add this to the services you will request from your organization company. The cost of your engagement will be determined by applying per person pricing in line with the catering you choose.

As you can request the steps mentioned above from a single organization company, you can also purchase different services from different companies. The effective thing here will be your time and budget. In addition, you can rest assured that the companies chosen for the services provided indirectly by the organization companies that have been doing this business for years and care about quality and customer satisfaction will also be of high quality.

Choosing an Engagement Photographer

There will definitely be a photographer that your organization company or the venue where your engagement organization will be held will direct you or that they have an agreement with. The point you will pay attention to here is that if a package is offered to you and pricing is made on this package; check whether the services offered in the package include photo and video shooting. The amount you will pay may be higher when you agree with a different photographer. In addition to photo and video shooting in your engagement area, you can also request outdoor or studio shootings from your photographer.

Engagement Ring Selection

We can say that the organization stage has been completed in the name of engagement preparations. Let's come to the preparations waiting for you in this process... Buying an engagement ring can be the first stage. You can go to a jeweler with your future spouse and get your wedding ring in a style you like. If you plan to use the ring you choose during your marriage, we recommend that you buy the ring you fall in love with without making a budget calculation. If you are going to change your wedding rings at the time of the wedding, you can choose from classic 14 carat ring wedding rings for engagement.

How Should the Engagement Dress Be?

The most important factor that will determine your engagement dress is the kind of engagement organization and the size of the organization. If you are going to get engaged in a big and flashy hall, your engagement dress should be just as elegant and flashy. For this, you can choose princess cut engagement dresses with puffy skirts. You can get a very nice look with colorful, stony and embroidered engagement models in a color suitable for your skin.

If you are planning to hold an engagement organization in an intimate setting in a smaller hall, you can choose an engagement dress in evening dress style. You can look gorgeous with evening dresses detailed with lace and embroidery and dresses with elegant decollete in line with your tastes.

Our brides-to-be who plan to make an engagement organization in a countryside and garden environment can choose engagement dresses in soft colors that look romantic and elegant. For this, a dress in off-white, powder or pink tones with embroidery and lace details will be very beautiful. In addition, mini and midi length elegant dresses are also very suitable for your engagement in this concept.

Engagement Hair and Makeup

You should not forget to make an appointment with your hairdresser before your engagement day. The hairstyle you will have for your engagement can be preferred according to your dress. Of course, the hairstyle you prefer should be done in line with those suitable for your face. In general, we recommend that you choose the hairstyle and make-up you will use in your engagement in favor of those that are not exaggerated. In addition to your makeup that you will look fresh and impressive, you can impress your future spouse and your guests with your well-groomed and natural-looking engagement hair.

How Should the Groom Candidate Dress?

We talked about every detail of your engagement ceremony, let's talk about what kind of suit our groom-to-be should choose. The point we will underline here is which suit our groom-to-be should not choose. Although a black suit may seem like a classic and risk-free choice, since the possible groom's suit will most likely be in this color; you may want your future spouse to be in black first on your wedding day.

In your engagement ceremony, a suit that is compatible with your dress and where colors can be preferred according to the season will be a nice alternative. We recommend that you never turn to combinations where the dress color of our bride-to-be and the tie color of the groom candidates are the same. This looks a bit outdated. Instead, you can achieve integrity by ensuring that the colors of your dress are reflected vaguely from the handkerchief or accessory used on the collar of your future spouse.

We end our article here. We have answered the question of how to make an engagement organization in the hall with all the details. If you have any questions you want to ask, you can send them as a comment below the article.

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