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How to Recycle Bridal Flowers

And finally that glorious day is over. You are now a married woman. Many memories, a pair of bridal shoes, a bridal bouquet and maybe a wedding dress are left behind. Bridal flower Speaking of which, many brides are thinking about how to utilize this flower, which is a souvenir of their wedding. Because this flower is perhaps the rarest object that accompanies her throughout the ceremony. Here are the questions asked by our brides-to-be bridal flower a few advisory answers we can give to the question of how to make use of it.

Make it Almost a Photo

Yes, you read that right. You can turn your bridal bouquet into a photograph. All you need for this is a frame big enough to hold it, glue and scissors. If your bridal flower is an artificial flower, your job is very simple. First we remove the glass from the frame. Because you will need to use this frame without glass. Prepare your flower as a whole or an arrangement of flowers and branches and glue it into the frame. If you prefer real flowers, there is a possibility that they will fall off when dry. To prevent this, a hair spray will do the trick. Here is a photo from the most special day that you can put in the most beautiful corner of your home with pleasure.

A Magnificent Flower Ball

This flower ball, which will create a wonderful ambiance in your living room, bedroom, dining room, in short, almost everywhere, is another way to utilize your bridal flower. The materials you need are styrofoam ball, glue, ribbon and scissors. Glue the roses or flowers from your bridal bouquet one by one to this styrofoam ball. However, make sure that there are no gaps between them. Tie the ribbon to the bottom of the ball and take a look at the masterpiece you have created. You can get a much more aesthetic object by placing this ball on a candle holder.

Aesthetic Wall Decorations

Don't say that you can hang flowers on the wall. Come and see your flower hanging on your wall. You'll hang it upside down on a vintage clothes line. bridal bouquet, will be an aesthetic wall decoration for your home. However, we recommend that you make this application from a bridal bouquet of real flowers. These dried flowers will look much nicer than the flowers that make them.

Decorate Your Mirror

We all have a face mirror at home. So why don't you make this mirror much more beautiful and aesthetic. Here is another way to utilize your bridal flowers. Glue the flowers one by one to frame around your mirror. You can even decorate your hallway or wardrobe mirrors with these flowers. Remember, if you use real flowers, you will need hairspray.

Turn It into a Painting

We are sure you will like this idea very much. If you haven't yet decided on a painting to hang in the living room or hallway of your home, this idea is for you. A glass frame of the size you want and glue from a framing store will do the trick. The only thing you need to do is to glue your flower inside this frame and attach the glass. A framer can do this for you if you prefer. You can even put your invitation in this frame next to your flower and get a much nicer picture.

Dry and Store

Bridal flower We are sure that you have also thought of drying and storing them. However, you can get a much more elegant object thanks to a couple of methods we will present to you. First of all, separate your flowers from their branches, put them in blotting paper and press a weight such as a book on top. After a few weeks you can see that your flowers are completely dry. You can put these dried flowers in a glass bottle with a cork stopper, decorate it a little and get a wonderful corner ornament. For example, colored ribbons are perfect for these ornaments.



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