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How to Find an Affordable Wedding Venue?

For some reason, all brides dream of summer weddings. Naturally, everyone wants to get married at the same time, which causes the prices of wedding halls to skyrocket. From shoes to wedding dress, from home decor to honeymoon, from henna night to wedding bundle, you have already incurred a terrible expense. If you are thinking of saving money on the wedding hall at least; we can do research together on ways to find an affordable wedding venue for your budget. Here are some of the ways you can follow to make the wedding venue cheaper...

How to Find an Affordable Wedding Venue?

Since the ways to make your wedding venue cheaper vary according to each venue, we will discuss each type of venue separately. Let's get started without wasting time.

Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings, which have recently been on the agenda for young couples, have the lowest budget when it comes to cost. However, the open air you choose should not be within the scope of a luxury venue in the heart of the city. Country weddings are the most ideal in this regard.

If you live in a residential complex, your social facility, gardens in the countryside, recreation areas or municipal facilities offer the lowest cost for outdoor weddings. Moreover, it prevents everyone from getting stuck in an enclosed space and getting sweaty. An airy environment and a first dance under the stars can make for a very romantic wedding.

Garden and Green Areas

Be creative with your wedding venue. How about creating an authentic or bohemian wedding style by taking your guests and your spouse away from the busy pace and noise of daily life, even if only for a moment.

I am sure that you, your partner and your guests will be lost in a peaceful and fun atmosphere. A vineyard, a country house or a farmhouse can be arranged for this. Especially when a dreamy decor is created with a good organizer? Don't you want to have a wedding that will be remembered for a long time? And at a very low cost.

Beach Weddings

If you are getting married in the summer months, we can say that beach weddings will definitely be very romantic. You can create a stylish and impressive atmosphere at beach weddings where you can give an authentic or bohemian decor. If you do not choose a coastal area of any venue for your wedding; we would like to say that there are many coastal areas in our country.

Saying yes to your spouse accompanied by the waves of the sea will also prepare the ground for the formation of magnificent photo frames.

Poolside Weddings

If the place where you live is a complex and there is a pool within its scope; we can definitely say that you are very lucky. Poolside weddings, where you can create a wonderful decor, are becoming the dream of every young girl. Imagine yourself doing your first dance with your partner by the pool. You will definitely see a perfect image.

Lights hitting the pool, candles on the tables, pleasant music. What more could a bride want. If you do a good research; you have the chance to bring pool weddings at a very low cost.

Hall Weddings

If you are in the summer season; we can say that your chances of finding a cheap wedding hall in a period when weddings are intense are quite low. If you consider the hot and sweltering atmosphere of the summer months, it is another matter how logical it is to cram you, your spouse and your guests into a hall in this season.

If you still think that the wedding should be held in a hall, we recommend that you have your wedding between May and September for a cheaper cost. Hall prices will also vary according to the location and size of the hall. In addition, if you make a reservation a year before your wedding date, you will have the opportunity to save money as you will have the chance to rent the hall at the prices of a year ago.

Wedding Hall Campaigns

When your wedding date is more or less certain, we recommend you to search for wedding hall campaigns. Many of the wedding halls make campaigns in certain periods. When you come across this campaign, you can have a discount of forty percent or even fifty percent.

Many of the wedding halls offer package services in these campaigns. Whether it's a catered wedding or a classic cake with lemonade; you will definitely reduce the cost well below the normal price.  

Yacht Weddings

Don't be intimidated when it comes to yachts. Small yachts offer wedding opportunities at cheap costs. Getting married on the sea will definitely be a very interesting and unforgettable experience.

The costs of yacht weddings, which are very popular in the summer months, are almost in the same price ranges as the hall costs. Taking a small Bosphorus tour during the wedding, having your first dance under the Bosphorus Bridge accompanied by the light of the islands has a very impressive scope.

Individual Cost

Recently, a new application emerging among the new generation is on the agenda. In this application, which is spreading quite fast, you do not cut costs. So you don't need to find a wedding venue at an affordable price. Instead, you open a catered organization in a luxury venue of your choice. Each guest attending the wedding pays their own expenses on a fixed menu.

This practice has spread quite quickly, even though it is not very in line with our traditions. After all, isn't the goal to have fun and share this beautiful day?

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