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How to Get a Marriage Loan?

Since the day you said yes to the marriage proposal of the person in your life, you have entered the wedding preparations process. Entering the world is a costly process. You need a certain budget for every preparation you make for your wedding and every step you take. Even if you have a budget for the wedding in general, you may encounter expenses and wedding costs that you have never calculated. In such cases marriage loan option can give you peace of mind. What is a marriage loan? How to apply for a marriage loan? How is the repayment made? You can find the answers to these questions in our article.

What is a Marriage Loan?

State-backed banks and private banks; as a personal loan or marriage loanThey offer special loan options to those in need, which they call wedding loans, marriage loans and marriage loans. We can define a marriage loan as a bank loan that is repaid with the maturity options and payment plan that you will determine during the application.

Who Can Get a Marriage Loan?

Marriage loan In order to apply for a personal loan or a personal loan, you must meet certain conditions. The first of these is your credit rating. When determining the credit rating, it is taken into account how you repay the products you use from banks such as loans and credit cards. Regular and timely payments have a high credit rating. Since your credit rating will be low due to disrupted or delayed loan or credit card payments; it is very difficult for banks to approve your loan. You can get a loan with the option of a guarantor or if you have an asset that can be mortgaged. It is also important that you do not have a debt under follow-up for credit utilization. Having a regular and provable income is also one of the conditions demanded by banks. If you meet these conditions, you can apply for a loan to your salary bank or any other bank you want online or by going to a bank branch.

Which Documents are Required for a Marriage Loan?

If you are going to any bank branch to apply for a loan, here are the documents you should have with you:

  • Identity card
  • Payslip
  • Proof of residence, if required
  • For business owners; photocopy of tax plate

Your identity card must have a T.R. ID number. You can obtain the payslip from the institution where you work. Banks that are salary customers generally do not request a payroll. In addition, if your bank requests it, a certificate of residence is also among the documents you need to provide. Currently, many transactions such as information about the properties and securities you own, your salary information, credit rating inquiry can be made through the e-government system.

What is the maximum amount of a marriage loan?

When your income, credit score and existing debts are assessed, you will be informed of the maximum loan amount available to you. This amount may be above or below what you need. If it is below what you need, you may need to reduce your wedding budget slightly.

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