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How many days is a marriage license and how to get it?

One of the issues that couples who are on the eve of getting married must be marriage license. After all, isn't it your right to have a little rest after tiring wedding preparations and intense hustle and bustle? That is exactly why in this article we will share with you all the details you need to know about marriage leave. So, let's start with the questions of how many days, when the marriage permit starts and when it is used. Then let's talk about other frequently asked questions such as where and how to get a marriage permit. (By the way, we have added a few examples of marriage permit petitions at the end of our article to guide you. You can take a look at them if you want.)

Who is granted a marriage license and for how many days?

Marriage license, only for civil servants and workers/private sector employees. (Relatives of married couples, even if they are first degree, cannot benefit from this leave). So how many days of leave are we talking about? Let's answer that right away.

How Many Days of Marriage Leave for Civil Servants?

According to Law No. 657 on Civil Servants, marriage leave for civil servants 7 days.

How Many Days of Marriage Leave for Workers, Private Sector Employees?

According to the Labor Law No. 4857, workers and private sector employees are entitled to receive at least 3 days marriage leave is granted for a period of time. This period cannot be reduced as it is a minimum, but may be extended in the labor contract. (In private sector contracts, marriage leave is usually extended to 5 or 7 days).

What If Your Organization Doesn't Give Permission?

Employers are required by law to provide marriage leave for a minimum number of days. We hope you will not have any difficulties, but you have the right to file a complaint and file a lawsuit against employers who do not comply.

Do Soldiers Have the Right to Leave?

No, unfortunately, soldiers are not entitled to marriage leave. (They have to use their annual leave).

When Does Marriage Leave Start and Can It Be Used?

First of all, it is worth noting that You can start using the marriage license on or after the day of the civil wedding, not before the civil wedding. However, if your wedding and civil wedding are on different dates, you can also use the permit before your wedding date.

According to the Labor Law, there is no clear provision on when marriage leave starts or how it should be used. Some public institutions say that you should use this leave within 10 days (but the correct thing is to use the leave within that calendar year.) So it is possible to see different practices in institutions. Therefore, it is best to get the necessary information from the institution you work for before the wedding so that you do not have any problems later.

What Happens If Marriage Leave falls on a Weekend or Holiday?

The law does not specify the duration of leave as "working days". Therefore, public holidays, Saturdays and Sundays are also counted as days off. So you should not think that you can combine weekends and extend your leave. You can combine your marriage leave with your annual leave or compassionate leave to take longer leave.

Conditions for Marriage Permit

In order to obtain a marriage license, your marriage must be registered. In other words, in order to use your marriage permit, you must either have been married or you must have received your wedding date.

Is a Marriage License Limited to One Time?

A civil servant or a private sector employee working in the public sector is entitled to a separate leave of absence for each marriage. In other words, marriage leave is not a one-off right for repeated marriages.

Is Marriage Leave Paid Leave? Does it deduct from annual leave?

Yes, marriage leave is a type of paid leave. Therefore, you will continue to be paid as if you had worked during this period. In addition, marriage leave is not deducted from your annual leave.

Where and How to Get a Marriage License?

If you want to use your marriage permit from the date of your wedding, you must submit a marriage permit petition to the institution you work for or to the human resources department of the institution you work for after you receive your wedding date. In addition, if requested by the institution you work for, you should also submit the official document from the marriage registry office showing the date and time of the marriage to the relevant institution together with your petition.

If you want to use your permit after the wedding, it is sufficient to submit a photocopy of your marriage certificate along with your petition.

Sample Petition for Compassionate Leave Due to Marriage

If there is no standard format used by the institution to which you will submit your petition, you can look at the examples we have prepared for you.

Sample marriage leave petition for civil servants: Click here.

Sample marriage leave petition for workers or private sector employees: Click here.

Now that we have mentioned the petition examples, we can make one last reminder and end our article: Unfortunately, there will be some official procedures that you will need to complete after you return from your marriage leave/ honeymoon. You can find out what these official procedures are and what you need to do to complete them by reading this article: Official Actions to be taken after Marriage.

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