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How to Serve Wedding Favors

Wedding candies, which have been an important tradition throughout history, are among the most important details when it comes to marriage ceremonies. The scope and quality of the ceremony is hidden in a small detail such as wedding candies, which seem to be the simplest in the whole organization. As such, not only the theme of the wedding candy but also its presentation is of great importance. Well; How is the wedding candy, which is an integral part of the wedding organization, served? To incoming topics wedding candy how to distribute it. Let us share our research on this topic with you

Wedding candies; It should have a scope that is compatible with the marriage organization, at the same time, it should reveal the preference taste and creativity of the bride and groom, and at the same time, it should have a taste or texture that guests will enjoy. Another issue that is as important as the selection of wedding candies is the way they are presented to the guests.

You need to take at least as much care in the presentation of your wedding candies, which you choose carefully, where all the interests and details of your wedding are hidden; in short, revealing the quality of the organization you have prepared with all its nakedness.

Now let's share with you some tricks on how to present your wedding candy in an impressive and eye-catching way. What do you say?

Presentation of the Wedding Candy

Wedding candies It is a thank you gift prepared by the couples getting married in order to offer a sweet flavor to their guests who will share this happy moment or to present a beautiful memory that expresses the meaning of the day. Name wedding candy but these gifts don't always involve candy. The main purpose is to present only a memory of these special hours to the guests. The way the wedding candy, which has an important place in our wedding traditions, is served to the guests is a very important detail.

There are different methods for the presentation of your wedding candies:

  • Wedding candy presentation at the entrance of the hall
  • Presentation of wedding candies distributed on the tables
  • Presentation of wedding candy by walking around the hall
  • Wedding candy presentation made by preparing a stand

Presentation at the Hall Entrance

From ancient times to the present day, the hall entrance presentation is made in a tray or basket, sometimes when welcoming guests and sometimes when seeing guests off.

The guests are welcomed one by one, greeted and then congratulated; wedding candy is offered as a memory of the meaning of the day.

If you are going to present your wedding candy at the entrance of the hall; I recommend you to create a sparkling and lively atmosphere to create a bright and impressive entrance for your guests. One of the most important details you should pay attention to here is that the number of wedding candies you prepare should be enough for all guests. When greeting your guests, sorry, our wedding candy is not enough or over, it will create a very bad impression.

Presentation of Wedding Favors Distributed on Tables

The wedding candies, which are placed one by one on the tables where the guests will sit, like a gift package, create a pleasantly surprising wedding or wedding start that guests will encounter when they sit in their chairs. The wedding candies served in a plate decorated in this way will prepare the ground for the guests to warm up to the environment faster. These presentations that have just started to come to the agenda; It is also possible to decorate with very nice details. Presentation of Wedding Candy by Walking Around the Hall

The wedding candies arranged in a basket or on a tray are offered by the bride or her parents or siblings by going around the tables in the hall one by one and greeting the guests. While passing the wedding candies around the tables; The tray or basket in which it is located should be designed in an elegant, stylish and stylish way. This treat, which takes quite a large amount of time, is not preferred for crowded weddings.

Wedding Candy Presentation by Preparing a Stand

The most common method of offering the wedding candy to the guests is through stands covered with a nice two-storey white cloth prepared at the entrance of the hall. The stands are located on the road used by the guests at the entrance; guests stop by and receive their gifts.


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