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What is a Jewelry and Diamond Certificate?

The dream of almost every bride is to have a dazzling piece of jewelry when she gets married. If you have a diamond or a piece of jewelry that you have seen in a jewelry store and want to buy, one of the most important things you should pay attention to is the certificate.

What Does a Certificate Do?

There are 2 main functions of jewelry and diamond certificates that give you peace of mind while getting the jewelry you desire:

  • The value of your stone is documented and protected,
  • The stone you buy is identified to you.

For this reason, you should not forget to get the certificate of the diamond or jewelry you will buy.

What Information Does the Certificate Contain?

The jewelry and diamond certificates contain the following information:

  • Characteristics carried according to 4C criteria,
  • Date of certification,
  • Report number,
  • Figure information,
  • Polishing quality,
  • Symmetry

Jewelry Certificate

Jewelry is a general name given to objects made of precious stones such as gold and silver and worn on the neck, wrist and ear. With a jewelry certificate, you can guarantee the quality and price of these precious stones (in a way, you can say that my product is not fake, here is the guarantee certificate). With a jewelry certificate, you have the following advantages

  • You will have no doubts about its quality.
  • Since these certificates remain valid even after years, you can prove that your stone is original against situations such as tarnishing and atrophy over time.
  • You can prove the quality of your product when selling.
  • When you buy a piece of jewelry larger than 0.3 carats, you can document it not only in our country but all over the world.

You can use the product you have purchased with these items with peace of mind. You should also know that a jewelry certificate is evaluated differently from a stone certificate. In jewelry certificates, the value of the stone together with the processed metal is included. In this case, even if there is a defect in the stone, this defect can be eliminated with professional touches after it is attached to the jewelry. Moreover, you should know that even in rare cases, the properties of the stone worn in jewelry can appear superior as if it belongs to a higher class.

When evaluating the certificate of the diamond you will buy for special occasions, you can accept the certificates issued by diamond centers that examine the diamond with a series of tests and scientific analysis methods more accurately.

Diamond Certificate

Diamond is the hardest and most valuable of precious stones. The most preferred product by those who are preparing for marriage is the diamond ring. These certificates are your biggest proof in order to ensure the validity of the diamond you buy everywhere. Because with the diamond certificate, you can prove everywhere that the product you buy is real and valuable.

What distinguishes a diamond certificate from a jewelry certificate is that a diamond certificate does not belong to a ring, necklace or any other jewelry accessory; it belongs directly to a stone. In addition, diamonds that are not sold attached to jewelry are usually sold with their certificates and in a special case.

International Jewelry Certificate

With an internationally recognized certificate, you can ensure that your gemstones are valid not only in Turkey, but anywhere in the world. The following evaluation is made about the jewelry certificate.

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  • This is the first time I have heard of such a thing, I was very informed when I read it, thank you.

  • Especially in this period of increasing scams, it has become very risky to really buy jewelry. That's why this content has become so vital.

  • I am frankly a little against it. When we buy, we pay really incredible amounts of money, but then if we are in trouble, if we need money urgently and we need to sell it, they buy it for nothing, they buy it for nothing, so we need gold and silver, which is a really big problem.

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