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Keep or sell your wedding dress?

Keep or Sell Your Wedding Dress?

Wedding dress is the most important feature for any wedding ceremony. In some cases, large amounts of money are spent on the wedding dress that the bride will wear on her wedding day. Because brides want to look gorgeous on their wedding, which is the most important day of their lives. After the wedding day, the question of what to do with the wedding dress comes to the fore. The most important piece of clothing a woman will wear throughout her life. Keep or sell your wedding dress? Would it make more sense?

The answer to this question varies entirely from person to person. However, let us try to help you figure out what to do with your wedding dress after the wedding ceremony. Whether you decide to keep or sell your wedding dress; The first thing you need to do is send this important garment to dry cleaning. You can make a more logical decision about whether you want to sell or keep your cleaned wedding dress. In most cases, the new bride; She decides that it would be a better decision to keep her wedding dress after getting it from dry cleaning.

How to Sell Wedding Dresses?

Before deciding where and how to sell a used wedding dress; First, it will be necessary to shape it into a perfect shape. It will be necessary to clean it and repair it if there is any deformation. The more perfect your wedding dress looks; The more money you will earn when selling, the more money you will make.

After you have made the decision to sell a wedding dress, you need to decide on the price you expect from selling the wedding dress before doing various Sunday shopping on this subject. It is certain that your selling price will be well below the asking price. In this regard, you have the chance to determine a price for your wedding dress by making a comparison of second-hand wedding dress prices.

Bridal Shop and Boutiques

One of the easiest ways to sell a wedding dress; delivery to bridal shops or a boutique. You will have to pay a certain amount of commission when selling wedding dresses to these stores, which act as a kind of mediator. This commission can sometimes go up to thirty or even forty or fifty percent.

wedding dress Selling in a store or boutique has both advantages and disadvantages. It is true that you will encounter a larger customer base, but there is also the possibility that your wedding dress will remain on display for months or not be sold. The commission to be paid during the sale of the wedding dresses you purchased by paying a high price should not be forgotten.

Internet Sales

You also have the chance to advertise for wedding dress sales online. If you take wedding dress photos and add them to the advert; Your probability of selling online will increase. Modern technology; new brides; It also enables them to reach different market areas via the Internet regarding the wedding dresses they want to sell. It is possible to advertise for the sale of wedding dresses through message boards, thematic forms, social networks, online stores and paid advertisements. Keep or sell your wedding dress? It is one of the options that will help you.

From ear to ear

You can advertise that you sell wedding dresses by spreading the word among your friends and friends. One girl in every ten houses will definitely make wedding preparations. Maybe you can find the opportunity to make sales this way.

Storing Your Wedding Dress

There are many women who want to keep their wedding dress, which is the most important dress in their life, after the wedding. There are women who keep this wedding dress from the most important and happiest day of their lives by hanging it in the closet for years without washing it or even putting it in a box.

According to some superstitions, the wedding dress is a symbol of a happy and fruitful marriage. For this reason, new brides; They clean their wedding dresses after the wedding, put them in a box and keep them in their closets for life. Although most of the time it remains forgotten where they put it for years, unopened, according to superstition, she believes that the wedding dress should be in her closet at home.

How to Store Your Wedding Dress

It is necessary to be conscious about how the wedding dress worn on the wedding day or night should be stored so that it remains as good as the first day, ten or twenty years later. The first thing you need to do when it comes to storing your wedding dress is to keep it in its original packaging. However, if the packaging and boxes were thrown away during the wedding rush, then the best method is to store them using special lining fabrics.

Never try to wash and clean your wedding dress yourself after the wedding. If you wash it yourself, you may cause the details on the wedding dress to deteriorate and damage the fabric. You must take it directly to dry cleaning. Never leave your wedding dress in plastic bags; this may cause it to turn yellow. Store accessories, tartan and corset in a completely separate box, not in the same box as the wedding dress.

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  • You never know what life will bring after marriage, I never like to keep things that I won't use for a long time, things that won't be of any use to me, but I was undecided on this issue, and while doing some research, I decided that it would make more sense to sell them. Because it won't do me any good sitting there in the box. When I buy it, I can buy a product I want and contribute to my home and family. Living simply requires this. I don't think you should keep it.

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