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Some information about marriage application

Some Information About Marriage Application

You've decided to get married, but do you have a lot of questions in your mind? Things to remember about the marriage application Let's talk about every detail in this article.

While the marriage process is beautiful, it is also a tiring and very stressful process. Once you decide to get married, a long list appears before you. Alright Questions that come to mind when applying for marriage What are they?

What are the documents required for marriage application?

In order to have an official marriage, the laws of the Republic of Turkey require certain documents from you. You need to complete these documents and apply to the Marriage Office. These documents;

  • Original and photocopies of identity card (Must have been changed within the last 10 years)
  • Passport photo (Must be a current photo taken within the last 6 months.)
  • Health Report (Can be obtained from the family doctor and Family Health Center.)
  • Residence certificate (Can be obtained from the e-government website or the District Population Directorate.)
  • Marriage Declaration (Given at the Marriage Office.)
  • Marriage License Certificate (Can be obtained from the District Population Office.)


Where and how to apply for marriage?

An application is made by going to the Marriage Office of the municipality where one of the couples resides.

The district's mufti offices, which have been in place since 2018, have also been accepting applications. Applications can also be made by going to the district mufti's offices.

If you live in the village, you complete all your documents and take them to the village headman. The village headman initiates the process by sending your documents to the relevant places. Afterwards, the village headman solemnizes your marriage.

Is it necessary for the couple to apply together for marriage procedures?

Yes. For marriage procedures, the couple must apply together. If one of the couples does not come, the application is not accepted.

How long does it take after the marriage application documents are completed?

The marriage application must be made within 6 months at the latest after completing the documents. If it has been 6 months, you will need to re-obtain the documents as they are no longer valid.

In Which Circumstances Are Marriage Applications Not Accepted?

Your application will not be accepted if certain circumstances occur. These are the following situations:

  • Kinship: According to the rules, marriage applications between upper and lower lineages, siblings, aunts, uncles and uncles are not accepted. Even if your marriage ends with your spouse, your marriage application with a person who is a first or second degree descendant of your ex-spouse, which we call in-law kinship, will not be accepted.
  • Being married: Marriage applications made by people who appear to be married according to official population records are not accepted.
  • In cases where there is no Official Health Report: Health reports received from private hospitals are not accepted. The stamp and signature of the Family Physician is definitely required.
  • In Case of Absence: The spouse of a person who has disappeared or has not been heard from for a long time will not be accepted even if he/she applies, unless the marriage has been dissolved by the court.
  • If a Disease Preventing Marriage Is Detected: After the examinations, if one of the couples has a disease such as leprosy, gonorrhea, or syphilis, their applications will not be accepted until the treatment is completed and a doctor's report proving that they are no longer contagious is received.
  • For mentally ill people: If one of the couples has a mental health problem and a medical report is not provided, the marriage application will not be accepted.
  • Iddah period for a woman: If less than 300 days have passed since the end of the woman's previous marriage, the application will not be accepted. Application must be made after the waiting period has expired.

Can Underage Persons Have a Civil Marriage?

Persons under the age of 18 cannot have an official marriage without the consent of their family. Individuals over the age of 17 and over 18 can have an Official Marriage if they document that their families have consent.

How Many Days Does the Wedding Procedures Take?

It is usually completed on the day of the wedding ceremony. Some municipalities have certain hours when they receive marriage applications. You must review the website before applying.

How Many Days After the Earliest Date of Marriage Can Be Given?

The date the municipality will give will vary depending on the wedding density, but you can get a date 24 hours later at the earliest.

What is Chamber Wedding?

A marriage that takes place without a ceremony, with only the people to be married, the wedding officer and 2 witnesses, is called a chamber marriage.

What are the Wedding Processing Fees?

The price each municipality pays for a wedding varies. Generally, weekday weddings range between 150-300 TL, while weekend weddings range between 300-600 TL. You can find out the fee on the website of your municipality.

Are Any Documents Required for Wedding Witnesses? Can Anyone Be a Witness to a Wedding?

No documents other than identification are required for marriage witnesses. Anyone over the age of 18 can be a witness to the marriage. Also, if you want to have only one witness; You can designate at least 2 and at most 4 wedding witnesses.

Can a wedding be held on weekends and public holidays?

Depending on the request of the couple and the availability of the municipality, marriages can also be held on weekends and public holidays. Of course, the amount you pay increases depending on the weddings held on weekdays.

Can We Have Our Official Wedding Ceremony Where We Have The Wedding? 

Of course you can mince it. If you specify in advance, you can invite the wedding officer to the place where you will hold the wedding and have your wedding solemnized by paying an extra fee.

Can Couples Get Married in a District Where They Do Not Reside?

If couples want to get married in the municipality of a district where they do not reside, they can get married by obtaining a "Marriage Permit Certificate" from the municipality where they reside.

What should women who want to use their own surname after marriage do?

If you specify this in advance when you apply for marriage, you can use both your own surname and your spouse's surname.

What is a Separation of Property Request? When Should a Property Separation Agreement Be Made?

 Request for Separation of Property; It is an agreement made to eliminate the division of property in case of divorce. A Property Separation Agreement must be made and documented when making a request to the Marriage Office. Thus, property division is eliminated in case of divorce.

What is Lightning Marriage and How Does It Happen?

In the past, it was a practice performed for those who had an urgent need to get married. Because wedding procedures took a long time, and due to busy schedules, the dates were postponed quite late. But now, with the advancement of technology and the easier process, this practice has been abolished as the normal marriage process has reached the same time period as the lightning marriage.

What are the documents required to marry foreign nationals? 

First of all, the documents required for marriage procedures are also valid here. And also ;

  • Marriage license certificate issued by state representatives for foreigners,
  • If your driver's license does not include place of birth, date of birth, or parents' names, a birth certificate.
  • your passport Notarized translation is required.

If a Marriage Certificate is Lost, How to Obtain a New One?

If you travel such a long way and lose your marriage certificate, woe to you. 

If you have lost your marriage certificate, you can go to the District Registry Office and get it reissued. Documents required to have it reissued,

  • Your identity cards,
  • International Family Certificate request document, which you will receive from the headman of your place of residence,
  • Your current photographs taken in the last 6 years,
  • Family wallet fee (121 TL for 2019)

Once you complete the documents, you can have your Marriage Certificate issued again.

What can we say, may God complete it. Happiness for a lifetime.

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  • Marriage application is not as easy as it seems from the outside, it is really a difficult process, regardless of documents, analysis etc. By the way, you need to go and apply together.

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