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Challenges of Marriage

Even if you are a couple who love each other very much, even if you get along very well with each other's families, or even if you don't get along at all, there will be difficulties waiting for you in marriage. Marriage means that two people become companions in good times and bad, become life partners and face difficulties together. Therefore, fulfilling your responsibilities in marriage will ease the difficulties to some extent.

What are the Challenges of Marriage?

Bride-Mother-in-law, Daughter-in-law-Brother-in-law Conflict

When we talk about the difficulties of marriage, the first thing that comes to most people's minds are the conflicts between daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law. This is normal because these conflicts are really one of the issues that wear marriages down. The mother-in-law does not want to share her son, the sister-in-law does not want to share her brother, and the daughter-in-law does not want to share her husband with someone else, so conflicts are inevitable. Some mothers, sisters or brothers can't handle the fact that their son cares more for another woman than for them, and can't get used to the fact that he has another life and responsibilities. In this situation, it is usually up to the son-in-law to manage the situation. Of course, this situation may change over time. Once everyone gets used to each other, this difficulty will disappear. The problem will be solved if the bride treats her husband's mother as she treats her own mother and remembers that even with her own mother she sometimes clashes. Likewise, the mother-in-law or mother-in-law-in-law should accept that the groom has a different life from theirs and see the person he loves as their own child.

Cultural Differences

First of all, even if you and your partner come from the same culture, the same city or even the same neighborhood, you should know that every family has its own differences. Everything from the way you eat, to the way you watch TV, to the way you clean, may be very different, and of course it will take time to get used to it. Your partner may be a heavy snorer, he/she may be very active in his/her sleep, these are also difficulties of marriage. Remember that you don't really get to know the other person until you live in the same house. As long as you love and respect the person you are married to, you will get used to it all. Don't be intimidated by the difficulties of marriage.

New Relatives

When it comes to the challenges of marriage, the countless new relatives are also one of the most daunting. Especially if you don't like visiting relatives very much, this will be a challenge at first. Your spouse will probably want to visit a lot of relatives that you have probably only seen once at the wedding and that you are unfamiliar with, and being in a crowded environment full of people you don't know can also be a challenge.

Lack of Tolerance

If you are not a tolerant person, especially in the early stages of marriage, the details that you do not notice will start to bother you one by one in the years to come. If you cannot accept each other with your shortcomings and mistakes, marriage will be really difficult.

Restriction of Freedom

One of the difficulties of marriage is that if you are a freedom-loving individual, you cannot just go out and wander around as you did when you were single. You know you have a spouse waiting for you and you have to act according to the rules you have created in your marriage. You cannot see your friends as often as you used to.

Having Children Early

One of the most important challenges of marriage is having and raising a child. Having a child brings with it a lot of responsibility. It is not easy to raise a good individual. You face a lot of financial and moral responsibilities and if you are not ready for it, it will be very difficult for you. Therefore, it would make the most sense to ignore the pressure from the environment and have a child when you feel ready. It would also be a better choice to devote the first 2 years of your marriage to your spouse and yourself, both to get to know each other better and to enjoy your marriage.

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  • These rules are vital for an ideal marriage. But I think the most important one is definitely respect.

  • When I read your article, I really moved away from getting married 😀 joking aside, thanks to you, I faced the realities of marriage rather than the dream of marriage, and now I am really confused.

  • I think the first difficulty of marriage starts after you have already decided to get married. The process of all those families coming together, the process until the wedding night is so exhausting. I think without that process, people's relationships can continue in a healthier way.

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