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common mistakes when buying a wedding dress

Common Mistakes When Buying a Wedding Dress

Shopping for wedding dresses is almost a pleasure for women. You should be very careful when choosing a wedding dress that is worn once in a lifetime. If you want to look flawless, we have prepared for you from the guide you can benefit from it. Here you go common mistakes when buying a wedding dress;

The Importance of the Last Fitting in Wedding Dress

To look perfect in a wedding dress; you may have chosen a wedding dress that suits you. But if you gain weight in the wedding rush, you will need to make alterations in the last rehearsals. It would even be better for you if you leave the day of the last fitting to the last moments. You may have gained weight days before the wedding. It is possible to try on your wedding dress for the last few days and have it altered. Do not leave the rehearsal time two weeks before the wedding. See it on you again a few days before the wedding.


The Relationship between Skirt Length and Shoes

The biggest mistake when buying a wedding dress is not choosing the right skirt length. When the skirt length is even a little short, you can create a doll image. On the other hand, if the skirt length is long, this time it will get stuck on your feet, preventing you from walking and moving. For this, the skirt length should be chosen exactly in line with the heel height. Your shoes should not be visible when you walk. You should also be careful not to sweep the floor.


Skin Color and Wedding Dress Relationship

We observe that wedding dresses are designed not only in white but also in different colors in the latest trends. However, when choosing the color of the wedding dress, you should make sure that it is compatible with your skin color. Even the hair color should be included here. Some colors do not match your skin and make you look pale. Blonde brides may prefer stone-colored wedding dresses. But they should never prefer wedding dresses like fawn. The wedding dress color that suits brunette brides is off-white.


Relationship between Wedding Venue and Wedding Dress

Common mistakes when buying a wedding dress Most importantly, wedding dresses that are not chosen according to the wedding venue look like a trust. To overcome this feeling that you will feel like you are in a place where you do not belong, you need to choose a wedding dress suitable for the venue. You cannot wear a wedding dress with a long train at a countryside wedding. In a large and closed venue, wearing a mini wedding dress will make you look funny. For this, it is very important to choose a wedding dress according to the venue. For this reason, the place where the wedding will be held should be chosen first. Then the wedding dress is chosen. Then, the invitations are decided.

Body Type and Wedding Dress Relationship

Whichever body type you have, you should prefer that type of wedding dress. You don't have a chance to choose every wedding dress. If you have an overweight body, mermaid wedding dresses are not suitable for you. You need to hide your arms and shoulders. The only thing you need to do is to hide the areas you see too much. For this, you should talk to the company where you will shop for wedding dresses and get ideas.


Leaving the Wedding Dress Selection to the Last Time

I know that you are dealing with many things when you get married, but there is a more important detail than the things you are dealing with. The choice of wedding dress. Do not leave the choice of wedding dress to the last times. Even rent or buy your wedding dress months in advance. The wedding dress bought in the last month may not fit you. I don't want you to encounter a situation that will cause regret. After choosing your wedding venue, you should immediately go to the wedding dress company.


Being Crowded When Choosing a Wedding Dress

I know you want to get ideas from everyone when choosing a wedding dress. But this situation may cause you to make wrong decisions. A crowded environment where different voices will come out of every head will cause you to choose a wrong model. For this reason, a maximum of three people should go shopping for wedding dresses. Going with people who do not confuse you and with whom you get along very well will help you make the right choice.


Inappropriate Underwear Preference for the Wedding Dress

The most important thing is to buy underwear in the same color tone as the wedding dress. If you leave this shopping to the last days, you will make a mistake. You can even talk to the company where you bought the wedding dress and get ideas. Don't forget to buy your underwear right after you buy your wedding dress.





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  • It is very important to take enough time to choose a wedding dress. Being in a hurry and making a decision at the last minute can cause you to make the wrong choice. I know from my friend 🙂

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