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Calling mother-in-law mom

Calling Mother-in-law Mother

While you are happily in a relationship with your lover, a marriage proposal comes when you least expect it (of course you were expecting it, you can't miss your lover's surprised and excited look) and your relationship is now at a completely different point... The change in the course of your relationship means that you will swim in waters you have never known or guessed, let us tell you. If you are interested in this title, you must be thinking about how to address your future mother-in-law, whom you have called Aunt X since the day you met, as "mom". Then let's get into the details without keeping you waiting.

When to Call Mother-In-Law Mother?

One of the most difficult things for our brides-to-be is to address their mother-in-law as mother and father-in-law as father. These two words, which have very deep meanings and which you use for the people you value the most; having to use them to your mother-in-law and father-in-law, with whom you have not yet felt an emotional connection, can be a bit difficult.

Traditional approaches, customs and traditions are very important for Turks. If you had a mother-in-law with a different culture, you would not have to call her mother, you could even call her by her name. If you have a classical mother-in-law candidate with a traditional culture, it will be inevitable to call her mother; otherwise, in the days to come, your future mother-in-law may lament "my daughter-in-law does not call me mother" and ring your ears. So when are you expected to call your mother-in-law and father-in-law mother? Immediately after the ceremony of asking for a girl and kissing the hands of the elders, your mother-in-law and father-in-law expect you to call them mom and dad.

The Easy Way to Call Mother-in-law Mom

If you think we are going to give you a secret or a tip that will make it easier for you to call your mother-in-law mom, we might disappoint you a bit because there is no easy way, but there is a shortcut. We recommend that you condition yourself to call your mother-in-law mother after the ceremony and call her mother at the first opportunity. Just say it... The longer the time goes on and the higher the expectation from you in this sense, the more difficult it will be for that magic word to come out. If it is too difficult to say "mom" directly, you can put her name in front of it, so it may be easier for you to say "X mom" when addressing her.

If Despite Everything, That Word Just Won't Come Out of Your Mouth

The asking for a girl ceremony has come and gone, the engagement is even done and you still can't address your mother-in-law as mother... Your situation can be quite dire! Every time you call your mother-in-law Auntie X, the fire in your mother-in-law's eyes can destroy you over time. To avoid this, you can try talking to your mother-in-law openly. Expressing that you want to call her mother, but that you have difficulty in doing so, and that this will change over time, may buy you a little more time.It is also important to note that how your future spouse behaves at this stage is also important. If he/she has already started calling your mother and father mother and father, time is against you and you should start calling your mother-in-law and father-in-law mother and father as soon as possible.

If your fiancé also calls your parents aunt and uncle, then you can bring him forward. The moment your mother-in-law complains that you don't call her mom, tell her that your fiancé does the same. Let your fiancé take the pressure, it is not easy to be Prince Charming. Another suggestion that will help you in the short term but will not be a solution as time goes on is to talk to your mother-in-law without addressing her. If you can't call her mom, don't call her Aunt X either. Until you are cornered and have to address your mother-in-law, this tactic can stall your mother-in-law a bit and save you time.

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  • The first time I called my mother-in-law my mother, months and many meetings had passed since we met. After you call her mom, things are a bit more serious and it is one more step for both you and the other party.

  • If she really behaves like a mother, after a while you can already say it without difficulty, but with some mothers-in-law you can force yourself as much as you want, but the word mother does not leave your tongue.

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