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bridal makeup for oval faces

Bridal Makeup for Oval Faces

The steps you need to take to look flawless on your happiest day are quite easy. For this, it is enough to know your body type and face shape. If you have decided on the right bridal hairstyle for your face after choosing the right wedding dress for you, you only need to make one more move to complete your perfect look. To have your bridal makeup suitable for your face. Bridal makeup for oval faces We answer the question of how to do it for you.

We have talked about face shapes in our previous articles, and now bridal makeup according to face shapes Let's discuss in detail how it should be done.

We can say that people with an oval face shape have ideal face dimensions. If there is very little difference between the length and width of the face and your protruding cheekbones are accompanied by a round chin, you have an oval face. Contouring is applied according to the face shape you have while applying makeup. The aim of the contouring process is to bring the face shapes closer to the ideal oval face with shading techniques. Bridal makeup for oval faces;

  • Contour Application : If you have an oval face, you do not need too much contour application. Instead, you can use illuminator on your forehead, chin, nose, upper lip and under your eyes. If you want your face to look thinner, you can apply a foundation one color darker than your skin color diagonally on both sides of your forehead and from your cheekbones to your temples.
  • Blush Usage : The cheekbones of people with oval faces are usually prominent. With the right blush application, you can make your cheekbones look even more beautiful. For this, you should apply your blush as a horizontal line from your cheekbones to your ears.
  • Eye Makeup : The most important detail that affects the whole makeup is eye makeup. Eye makeup can be done in different types to reflect the desired effect. Misty eye makeup can be an alternative for impressive and deep looks. Your eye color is the factor that plays a role in the colors chosen and the makeup materials used while applying eye makeup. If we talk about the colors generally used according to eye colors; almost any shade of eyeshadow can be used for brown eyes, soft colors suit green eyes very well, while gray and dark blue colored differences can be preferred for blue eyes.
  • Lipstick Selection : The final touch of bridal makeup is done with lipstick. What will determine your lipstick color is how you want to look with your eye makeup. When an assertive eye makeup is done, it is preferred that the lips are in a soft color. Our brides-to-be who prefer to look remarkable can use shades such as red, burgundy and damson in their lipsticks according to their skin color and eye makeup. By the way, let's give a small warning to our brides-to-be. If the materials used for your bridal makeup belong to the makeup artist, you should get the same color of your lipstick. You will need this when your lipstick needs to be refreshed throughout the day.

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