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Premarital Couple Therapy

One of the concepts that has entered our lives in recent years is marriage therapy. Unfortunately, the stage at which married couples decide to seek counseling for therapy corresponds to the time when they decide to put an end to their marriage. At this point, couples who seek counseling in search of a last resort either find a solution to their problems and continue to have a happier marriage, or divorce occurs because there is no marriage left to save. Our suggestion to our couples who are preparing to get married is that they should receive couples therapy before marriage. The main idea here is to be prepared for marriage and to feel ready to take on the responsibilities of marriage. Well, at this point, let's talk in detail about what marriage therapy can bring you.

premarital couple therapy

Gaining Skills to Manage Your Relationships

From the moment you decide to get married, you may have realized that you are suddenly related to people you have never met and that you have to develop a level relationship with them. One of the most common problems that couples experience during the engagement or marriage process is the intervention of third parties in their relationship and their inability to manage it properly. Couple therapy will increase your ability to clearly identify the people in your life and the roles attributed to them. It is extremely important that you develop a relationship without offending or upsetting them, but without compromising yourself.

Respect the Mix of Different Cultures and Understandings

One of the most common complaints of married couples is that they feel that the other person does not understand them. Pre-marital couples therapy can increase your mutual understanding with your future spouse. At the very least, you can see that your ability to communicate effectively has improved. When you get married, in order for two different cultures and understandings living in the same house to meet in a common mix; you can have a marriage where you will be willing and, as the old saying goes, you will be willing to get along.

Understanding that Marriage is Not a House with Pink Shutters

Thinking or imagining marriage as a happily ever after in a house with pink shutters will disappoint you to some extent. Pre-marital couples therapy will help you to understand and compare what you imagine with what is actually happening. So that when you get married, you can be in a position to improve your ability to be happy and live together with the person in your life.

Meeting the Responsibilities of Marriage with Maturity

We can say that the bride and groom-to-be are a little off their feet before getting married, which is a very natural and normal situation. For our couple who will experience marriage for the first time; the wedding preparations process, honeymoon planning and the dream of a sweet home keep their minds busy enough. Receiving couples therapy will contribute to you to live the marriage you dream of. At this point, you need to understand that marriage is not only about romantic and happy moments so that you can prepare yourself accordingly.

Marriage brings with it many responsibilities as well as happy and peaceful days. Determining and sharing the responsibilities of managing a home and the responsibilities of daily life with your future spouse with the help of a counselor before marriage will be an appropriate step to prevent the problems you are likely to experience during your marriage.

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