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White Goods Shopping Before the Wedding

White Goods Shopping Before the Wedding

One of the indispensable parts of wedding preparations is shopping for white goods. Every bride-to-be dreams of furnishing her home in the most beautiful way and physically preparing a happy home. In the name of white goods shopping Although it is called white goods, all kinds of electronic goods to be used in household chores are actually considered white goods. From refrigerators to washing machines, dishwashers to ovens, televisions to stovetops, irons to vacuum cleaners, many home and kitchen appliances are in this class.

In this article white goods shopping we will examine the tricks of the trade.

Identifying Needs

The first thing couples need to think about before going shopping is the needs of the house they will live in. The size and physical conditions of the house play a decisive role in shopping. For example, the needs of a house with a built-in kitchen are different from the needs of a house with an old kitchen.

Preparing a White Goods Shopping List

Another important issue in pre-wedding white goods shopping is to prepare a shopping list. A list containing the name, price and features of the product and model to be purchased can be prepared and information about the products seen in the stores visited can be noted to facilitate decision-making.

For example, in store A, brand X refrigerator with a net internal volume of 450 liters, A++ energy consumption and no-frost feature is 3399₺. In store B, brand Y refrigerator with an internal volume of 400 liters, A+ energy consumption and nofrost feature is 3199₺. A final decision can be made by comparing these products whose features are written on the shopping list.

After Sales Support Services

White goods shopping One of the most important features that makes a product advantageous is after-sales support services. In common parlance, warranty terms. For some products, manufacturers offer a 2-year warranty and then provide paid warranty extension services, while some manufacturers can offer free 5, 7 or 10-year warranties for their products directly.

For example, the right choice can be made by comparing the financial conditions offered by the company that provides a paid warranty service for up to 7 years after offering a 3-year free warranty on the product it sells and the company that offers a 10-year free warranty service.

Again, while some companies have a widespread service support network throughout Turkey, others do not have a widespread service network. Paying attention to these issues during the shopping process will prevent negative surprises that may be encountered in the following years.


White goods The store where it will be purchased is important in terms of price, transportation and installation. In terms of price, e-commerce sites offer more attractive prices compared to traditional stores. It is also possible to see product prices and features in many virtual stores without physically visiting the stores. Couples can search virtual stores with the product code of the products they see and like in the stores they physically visit, so they can find the same product cheaper. In traditional stores, on the other hand, there is the possibility to bargain or to ask for a discount on advance payment, which is not available in virtual stores.

Transportation and assembly services may also vary from company to company. At this point, we can say that traditional stores are one click more advantageous. Companies usually do the transportation and assembly of the products sold free of charge. In virtual stores, assembly can be paid even if shipping is free. It is useful to be enlightened about shipping / transportation and assembly before shopping from both virtual stores and traditional stores.

Since outlet stores display the products of previous seasons, their prices are slightly more attractive than other stores. Although it has the same quality and features as the products in the store where the new season products are sold, it can be preferred with the attractive prices it offers. If there is an outlet store selling white goods in your neighborhood, do not pass by without stopping by for your pre-wedding shopping.

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  • It has become very difficult to buy new white goods at affordable prices. I am on the eve of marriage and our white goods alone cost about 70 thousand TL.

  • White goods shopping, which is really a big expense, is heavy, you should buy them all from top to bottom in a way that will last at least 10 years, but 80-90 thousand TL should be at least, but unfortunately there is nothing to do.

  • Unfortunately, now only a washing machine costs 20 thousand TL. I think the minimum white goods cost can be 100 thousand TL.

  • It is very important to have a long life in white goods shopping, I think you don't want to run from service to service by being deceived by its appearance, so you should pay close attention to quality, otherwise it can be pimanizing.

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