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The Story of Salted Coffee

In Turkish society, customs and traditions, especially on important occasions, continue to be practiced from the past to the present. One of these traditions, which carries deep meaning, is the serving of coffee at the girl's wedding. But this coffee is not like the classic Turkish coffees you know; it is like an ordeal for the groom... ("Of course it's salty coffee!" we can almost hear you say.) Our bride-to-be starts to cook this special coffee while the elders of the family are saying goodbye inside... Salt is added instead of sugar and blended with some spices, this delicious coffee is put into the cup to be presented to the groom. So, what is the story of this salty coffee, where does it come from and what meaning does it carry? Let's tell it right away...

The Story of Salty Coffee: Why was it served?

When you learn what salty coffee was served for in the past, you may say, "the meaning used today is very far away". In fact, if the ceremony of asking for a girl has not yet taken place, you may be torn between whether to offer your future wife salty or sweet coffee. Without leaving you in suspense any longer, let us tell you what salty coffee meant in the past.

In the past, when arranged marriages were more common, the prospective bride and groom would see each other for the first time at the ceremony of asking for the girl. Since there was no environment and conditions in those days where they could talk to each other and express their ideas, the bride-to-be would send a message to the groom-to-be with the coffee she would offer him. If the bride-to-be didn't like the groom-to-be, she would offer him salty coffee; if she liked him, she would offer him sweet coffee. Sipping his coffee, the groom-to-be would interpret the message sent by the bride-to-be and act accordingly. The groom-to-be and his family who drank the sugary coffee would come to the stage of asking for a girl, while the one who was offered salty coffee would ask the bride-to-be's family for permission and get up...

Salty Coffee Tradition Today

One of the ceremonies that prospective brides will be most excited about, perhaps with trembling hands and tangled feet, is the ceremony of asking for a girl. It is important that the coffee is foamy and strong, and that it tastes good. In this important ceremony, we can state that the groom-to-be will also be very excited. Because he should drink the salty coffee that will be offered to him as if he were drinking honey sherbet.

The salty coffee offered to the groom-to-be in today's asking for a girl ceremonies is a ritual to measure the groom's love. In fact, we can state that this is a pleasant tradition where happy moments are experienced. This coffee, which does not taste like drinking, is offered to the groom by the bride. The measure here is this: The shape of the groom-to-be's face while drinking the coffee... Our groom-to-be should sip his coffee without grimacing, as if he is drinking a very delicious coffee. Otherwise, he may break the hearts of the bride-to-be and her family and even return empty-handed from the ceremony. At this point, we can advise our bride-to-be to be a little merciful to the groom.

We have explained what salty coffee means today and in the past. The choice is up to you; do you want to make your future wife a sugary coffee or a salty coffee when she comes to ask for you? We look forward to your comments.

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  • Anyone who drinks salty coffee to the end definitely wants it.
    My fiancé had brought me a very salty coffee for our engagement, saying that he couldn't spare you, but I drank it because my love outweighed it.

  • The memory of my own salty coffee came to my mind and made me laugh 🙂 Oh my friends, pay attention to this the most in marriage, it is like a torment ahahaha.

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