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Save the Date Shootings in All Details

Recently, wedding trends that combine traditional and modern practices have become quite common. If you want to take a break during the wedding preparations and have some pleasant moments, save the date may be for you. Let's start with the question of what save the date is and then talk about its organization, dress and concepts.

What does Save the Date mean?

Save the date means "save the date" in Turkish. In fact, we can call it a fun way to announce your wedding or wedding date to your guests. (In this way, you are saying to your guests, don't make any other plans for that date, take note of our wedding date). Let's also say that it is a very popular practice abroad among newly married couples. We are slowly starting to see examples of this practice in our country as well. If you want to experience this trend, you may be interested in the rest of our article.

You can make free and comfortable choices in your save the date photo shoots. The most important feature of this day is to reflect a meaningful object or detail for you and your future spouse in your photos. In addition, where the photos will be taken and what kind of style they will be should be determined in line with the character and tastes of you and your fiancé.

So How Exactly Does It Work?

After you set your wedding date, a few months before your wedding, you take photos in accordance with the concept you choose and share them with your close circle on social media. (You can also print the photos on the invitation card and distribute them, it's up to you.) Although it's not very common, some of them don't just take photos but also shoot videos. (For example, you and your partner act out a story together and your video is shot within this framework.)

How to Organize Your Save the Date?

When to Shoot Save the Date?

If you have decided to have a save the date, you should have started thinking about how you will organize it. The first step you need to take for this is to determine the day of the photo shoot approximately 3 months before your wedding. (If you want to do the shootings in advance, you may need to share the same post on social media several times to remind your guests about your wedding, just a warning from us). We recommend that you also consider the seasonal conditions and weather conditions when determining this day. For some, rain on the day of the save the date can be a disaster, while for others, it may be especially preferable.

How to Shoot Save the Date?

After determining the day of the shoot, you can agree with your wedding photographer for save the date. (If you want, you can also get help from a friend who is good at photography and has a professional camera.) After you have arranged your photographer, you need to decide what to wear and your concept.

It should be noted that save the date photos contain intimate poses. The tips that can help you for this are given in detail in the rest of our article.

The last step is to arrange for a banner or sign with your wedding date on it (most photographers have this kind of accessory, but don't forget to confirm). In line with your concept, you can also use your wedding date on the bottom of your shoes, on your clothes or written on the floor.

Other Details

As for the price.

We can say that the prices are much more affordable than wedding photography.

How long does it take to shoot?

The shoot is over in 1.5-2 hours (Yes, it takes much less time than wedding photos).

After Shooting

After the shoot, you can send the most beautiful one among the options offered by your photographer to your loved ones via your social media accounts or via Whatsapp.

Save the Date Dress

The dress you choose should be within the concept you have determined. This can be a short romantic white dress or a princess costume (if your wedding dress is plain, you can use that too.) You can even use one of your everyday dresses instead of buying a save the date dress. But as we said before, depending on your concept, it is quite possible to wear very different clothes than you wear in daily life.

What are Save the Date Concepts?

Let's talk about the concepts you can use in your save the date photo shoots... When deciding on your concept, we think that you should make a choice that has meaningful elements for you. Therefore, you can use a detail that reflects your personality traits or is meaningful in your relationship in your photo shoots. Among the save the date concepts, our suggestions for you are as follows:

You Can Be the Hero of Your Fairy Tale

You are a fairy girl and he is your prince on a white horse; the most beautiful concept to reflect your love and affection can be the concept of fairy tale heroes. You and the man you love can announce your wedding date to your relatives with fun and very romantic poses in fairy tale heroes costumes.

How about a little nostalgia?

How about posing for your save the date with a concept that will make you look like a Yeşilçam movie? Maybe you can sign a different concept with romantic and nostalgic poses to be taken while playing chase among the trees in a forest or running towards each other on the beach. What you need to do for this is to adapt an outfit, hair and make-up that reflects those periods.

With Your Pet

Would you like your cute friends to be included in the frames that tell your love in the most beautiful way? You can give very cute and wonderful poses in a concept where your dog, cat or other pets will also take part in the photo frames.

Football Concept

Although football is a sport that men are generally interested in, there are also many women who love and follow football. If you are a soccer lover as a couple, you can set your concept as soccer. It can be quite fun to pose on the green field with a jersey with the dates of your wedding day written on it and share it with your guests.

Fun Invitation Cards

If you do not want to be satisfied with a photo shoot, you can send the frames of your save the date to your loved ones with invitation cards prepared in 3D.

Recreating the First Day You Met

Perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions about your relationship is how you met your future spouse. In order to answer this question and to be a very romantic concept, you can use the day you met the love of your life as your concept. The clothes you wore that day and the photos taken at the place where you met can be a very nice choice.

Comic Book Style Poses

The photographer you hire can use a little photoshop to make your photos look like comic books. You can also browse the internet for fun cartoon characters or humorous designs.

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