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bridal makeup according to skin color, bridal makeup according to eye color

Bridal Makeup According to Skin and Eye Color

Bridal makeup is the most important touch that will make you look gorgeous and flawless on your wedding day. Well, do you know how bridal makeup should be? In fact, we can say that it should be in line with your face shape, eye and skin color and what kind of makeup you want. But we did not want to fit all of these items into a single article and bore you. Therefore, in this article, we have compiled the details of bridal makeup according to skin and eye color. If you are wondering the answer to the question of how to make bridal makeup suitable for your face shape, you can read our article below: How to Make Bridal Makeup Suitable for Face Shape?. Anyway, without further ado, let's get to the point.

Before moving on to our suggestions, we wanted to make a reminder: Bridal makeup requires a personalized application. For this reason, even if it is done very successfully, you should avoid makeup applications that make you unrecognizable. I guess you don't want a bride who resembles you in wedding photos but doesn't look exactly like you.

Bridal Makeup Suggestions According to Skin Color

If you want, let's start with our light-skinned brides-to-be. Then, let's make suggestions for our wheat and dark-skinned readers.

Bridal Makeup for White Skin Color

If you have white skin, which shades should you prefer in the makeup products you should use in your daily life and on the most important day of your life? Let's talk about the answer to this question.

We can say that it would be appropriate for white skinned people to prefer more soft colors and natural tones in the makeup products they will use. For this, in your blush preferences; peach and pink tones and honey-colored ones will suit you very well.

When buying the foundation you use to even out the color tones on your skin and achieve a flawless skin appearance, you need to make sure that you buy the right shade for you. When buying foundation, the shade is usually tested on the wrist or on the upper part of the hand. This way of testing can be misleading for white-skinned people and the foundation you buy may remain dark for your skin. For this reason, it would be better to try this product on your face or neck.

White skinned people can choose brown colors for products such as eyeliner, eyeliner and mascara to be used in eye makeup. Although these choices vary according to eye color, earth tones will suit you better than very dark tones.

Although the effective factor in your lipstick use is your entire make-up, if you have a make-up where you prefer natural tones, your lips colored with pink tones and glosses will look very nice. In addition, if you want to look assertive, red lipstick is another option that will suit you very well.

Bridal Makeup for Wheat Skin Color

We can say that you are in the lucky group if you have wheat skin, which is a skin color that different colors and makeup types will look quite nice. Your tastes and preferences can determine how your makeup will look. Assertive makeup options and simple and natural makeup will suit you very well.

When buying foundation, you need to make sure that you choose a tone suitable for your skin. You can choose pink tones for your blush preference. Especially when you want to have natural bridal makeup, the slight pinkness on your cheekbones will give you a nice look.

The most basic issue that determines your eye makeup is what kind of makeup you will prefer as well as your eye color. Even ambitious makeup in bronze, gold and silver tones will not look exaggerated on you. In addition, eye makeup in soft tones is another option that will suit you.

In addition to soft and nude tones, pink tones are among the colors you can easily use in your lipstick preferences. For those who prefer simple make-up, the use of gloss is the right choice to emphasize your natural beauty.

Bridal Makeup for Brown Skin Color

When the right techniques are applied, it is very likely that you will be a bride shining like a star on your wedding day. Brown bridal makeup can easily carry even assertive makeup. The eye makeup that will suit our dark-skinned brides-to-be the most is misty eye makeup.

Dark-skinned brides-to-be should choose a foundation that is suitable for their skin to perfect their skin tone and balance. You can also make your facial features look perfect with the use of illuminator and bronzer for contour applications. You can choose your blush preference in favor of gold ones. Those who want to have natural-looking makeup can choose peach tones for their blush preferences.

For dark-skinned women to have a remarkable make-up, they should focus on their eyes. Especially misty eye makeup suits our dark-skinned brides-to-be very well. A misty eye makeup made with the colors you prefer according to your eye color will make you look very attractive and pleasant.

The point you will pay attention to in lipstick use may be your eye makeup. We can say that you can act more freely in this regard than our light-skinned and wheat-skinned brides-to-be. Because your perfect skin color and assertive tones provide an integrity without exaggeration. You can easily carry damson, brown, burgundy and matte red. If you want to choose a natural and simple lipstick, nude tones will suit you very well.

Bridal Makeup Suggestions According to Eye Color

Now that we have talked about how to make makeup suitable for skin color, we can move on to eye color.

Bridal Makeup for Green Eye Color

The two most important things to consider when making bridal makeup are your eye and skin color. Makeup products in shades compatible with your eye color and skin color should be used. Let's specify the makeup products and colors that our brides-to-be with green eyes should avoid while having bridal makeup and that they will become much more attractive when they prefer.

  • Headlight options: The most important point that brides with green eyes should pay attention to when using eyeshadow is to choose colors that will reveal the beauty of their eyes. If you have fair skin and green eyes, the most suitable shadow colors for you are those in pink tones. If you have dark skin, purple and damson tones will suit you very well. In addition, one of the most beautiful shadow colors that emphasize green eyes is red tones.
  • Use of eyeliner, eyeliner and mascara: When the color you prefer when using eyeliner, mascara and eyeliner is in brown tones, your gaze will look more misty and effective. Black tones will add hardness to your gaze, while gray tones will cause your gaze to become dull.
  • Lipstick Usage: What will be effective in your lipstick preferences is your eye color as well as your wedding concept. If you prefer a more natural bridal makeup, pink, peach and fawn tones will be nice; For an assertive look, you can choose burgundy, red and damson colors.

Bridal Makeup for Brown Eye Color

If you have brown eye color, the colors you can choose while having bridal makeup are completely up to your taste. Makeup in almost any color tone will suit you very well. Your wedding theme, wedding dress and hairstyle will determine your makeup.

  • Headlight options: Among the eyeshadow colors that brides with brown eyes can use are earth tones, copper and gold tones, purple, pink, golden yellow, light green and light navy blue tones. You can turn to earth tones to create a warm effect for your gaze. You can also have impressive looks with the use of slightly shimmery, pearlescent and glittery eyeshadows.
  • Use of eyeliner, eyeliner and mascara: Your eyeliner, eyeliner and mascara preferences will be determined by your eyeshadow and lipstick color. Black, purple, navy blue and brown tones all look good on you.
  • Lipstick Usage: If you prefer a natural-looking make-up or if you have a make-up where your eyes stand out with misty eye make-up; you should use a lipstick with soft colors on your lips. For this, pink and peach tones and nude colors will be the right choice. Red, burgundy, brown and damson tones are lipstick colors that will be suitable for brides-to-be who want to look assertive.

Bridal Makeup for Blue Eye Color

Would you like to be a bride who will reveal the beauty of your eyes, shine like a star with the right makeup applications and the guests will not be able to take their eyes off you? Of course yes... What you need to do for this is to choose makeup products and colors that are compatible with your eye and skin color. Details about bridal makeup for our blue-eyed brides-to-be...

  • Headlight options:  When choosing eyeshadow color for blue eyes, it is important what kind of effect will be created. Gray tones are a great choice for misty and expressive eyes. Purple and earth tones should be used for mysterious and attractive looks; bronze, orange, peach and pink tones should be used to create a natural and romantic atmosphere.
  • Use of eyeliner, eyeliner and mascara: In general, the color that should be used will be black eyeliner, eyeliner and mascara. Navy blue can also be tried.
  • Lipstick Usage: While your wonderful eye color and impressive looks are quite remarkable, we recommend that the lipstick color you prefer in bridal makeup should be in natural and soft tones. For this, nude, pink and peach tones are extremely suitable. Our brides-to-be who prefer natural and simple tones in their eye makeup can use vibrant colors from matte lipstick options.

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