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What are Tarlatan Models

What are Tarlatan Models

What are Tarlatan Models

Since childhood, you have imagined yourself in a princess-cut wedding dress. Finally, the moment you have been dreaming of for years has come. Now it's time to make your dreams come true. You have chosen your wedding dress. The job does not end with the wedding dress alone. You also need to have a tarlatan that you can wear under the skirts of the wedding dress to make it look as fluffy as you want. This is probably the first time you have heard of a tarlatan that you have never needed for clothes before. Tarlatan models Let's explain what it is


What is Tarlatan

The skirts of the wedding dress you will wear at your wedding; The inner skirt consisting of the lining and plastic long bones that you wear under the wedding dress, which helps it to stand shaped, voluminous and cool, is called a tarlatan.

The tarlatan, which creates a different atmosphere to the skirts of the wedding dresses, also helps the brides to gain the freedom to move comfortably in their wedding dresses. Tarlatans, which are usually made of tulle, cotton, satin or lining fabric, have a structure that is fixed with plastic bones or metal rings. Tarlatans, which have a different variety for each wedding dress skirt models, are divided into different groups among themselves.


What are Tarlatan Types

Tarlatan; It is divided into different types according to the fluffy density it helps in the skirts of the wedding dress. The store where you will buy the wedding dress shows you which tarlatan is the most suitable for the wedding dress you prefer. Tarlatan types form groups among themselves according to skirt sizes, wedding dress fabric and skirt cut.

  • Voile Fabric Tarlatan
  • Tulle Tarlatan
  • Organza Fabric Tarlatan
  • Calico Fabric Tarlatan
  • Cotton Fabric Tarlatan
  • Satin Tarlatan


Tarlatan Models

1. Tarlatan Models According to Fabric

According to the fabric of the wedding dress, tarlatan can be made using calico, tulle, organza and voile fabric. A good and high quality tarlatan adds a special charm to the wedding dress. Fabric harmony supports the active use of the tarlatan on the wedding dress

  • In bridal skirt models consisting of layered tulle, a tarlatan made of tulle is used.
  • Tarlatans made of tulle are used for A-line skirts with low skirt density.
  • Organza tarlatans on the skirts of the wedding dress designed using chiffon taffeta and silk fabric
  • Calico tarlatans are also used in satin wedding dress skirt models
  • Cotton fabric tarlatan for wedding dresses designed in taffeta fabric


2. Tarlatan Models According to Cut

Wedding dress skirt cuts are the main factor in determining the tarlatan models to be used. Not every tarlatan can be used for every skirt model. For example, you cannot use the princess wedding dress skirt tarlatan in a wedding dress with an A model skirt, or vice versa, it is impossible to use an A-cut tarlatan model with a princess cut wedding dress skirt.


3. Farbali Tarlatans

Along with the fabric used to make the tarlatan, there are also auxiliary materials that support the fabric or give the desired puffy skirt appearance. Wires are the main material that supports the tarlatan fabric. The more wires in a tarlatan, the more intense that tarlatan creates a fluffy appearance.

But sometimes the wires do not give the skirts the desired fluffy look. This time farba comes to the rescue. The frilly folds on the inner skirt of the wedding dress are called farba. We can give princess model bridal skirts as an example of farba and wire tarlatan. No matter how dense the tarlatan wires formed using only wire, it will not be enough for princess skirts. In this case, farba support is also needed. Seven-wire tarlatan with farba is used in princess skirt models


4. Tiered Tarlatans

The layered tarlatan, which allows the skirts of the wedding dress designed from tulle to have a more intense and fluffy appearance; it also offers the bride a comfortable circulation. Folded tarlatans made with Farba also have a non-sweating structure.

Although tarlatans are mainly divided into groups according to the cut, fabric, farbalı and wire; these groups are also grouped according to the skirt cut. For example:

  • Antiperspirant Taratan
  • Princess Wedding Dress Tarlatan
  • Puffy Short Tarlatan (Mini Puffy Wedding Dresses)
  • Less Puffy Tarlatan (for A-line Wedding Dresses
  • Fish Model Tarlatan (Fish Cut Wedding Dresses)



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