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things to do 1 week before the wedding

Things to Do 1 Week Before the Wedding

You have entered the last 1 week, the most critical process for your wedding. Couples who act with the plan we have determined should be extremely careful in this regard.  So what should be done 1 week before the wedding?

Review Seating Arrangement

Make final revisions about the seating arrangement in relation to the wedding venue. If you have guests who will or will not be coming, you need to make the final arrangements for them and create the final scheme of the seating arrangement. You should share the final information about the number of guests with the wedding venue and provide clear information.

Skin Care

It should be noted that the last 1 week is also extremely important for skin care. Months In the care started before, you should now make the last rotations. It should be noted that especially those with sensitive skin should pay a little more attention.

Hair Care

In terms of hair care, it is extremely important for brides-to-be to prefer the last 1 week for dip dyeing. Especially in terms of the bottom dye coming to itself, you need to make the last touches within 1 week. For this, you need to pay attention to this detail.

Final Rehearsal with Your Hair Designer and Makeup Specialist

Make an appointment to make your final rehearsal for your hair design and make-up, which is extremely important for you on your wedding day. After this rehearsal, you can present your information to the experts on what needs to be done or the points you do not like and you can have a smooth process.

These procedures are among the things that should be done 1 week before the wedding. You can now appear in front of your future spouse and your guests on your wedding day as you have dreamed of.

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  • With 1 week left, the excitement is getting more and more 🙂 So content like this is very good and efficient...

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