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things to know about apple body type, apple body type

Things to Know About the Apple Body Type

If you have a thick waist and the same proportion of hips, you have an apple body type. The shoulders accompany the other parts and look built. You don't have to worry about "I have a body shaped like an apple and I don't know what to wear". You can achieve a stylish style in the light of the apple body type guide we have prepared for you.

Measurements of the Apple Body Type

  • The chest is quite large.
  • The waist area looks thick and the hip area looks structured.

Dresses for Apple Body Type

In the apple body type, it is seen that the waist and hip measurements are almost the same. So the area you need to draw attention; definitely your legs. Therefore, mini skirts can be one of your savior pieces when choosing clothes. Pencil skirts and mini skirt types will make you look extraordinary. You should also avoid clothes that will show your waist size.

What Kind of Wedding Dress for Apple Body Type?

To put it briefly: Women with an apple body type will need a wedding dress that camouflages the waist and reveals their breasts and legs. But it is useful to give you a little more detail.

Collar Preference

The most suitable wedding dress collar for the apple body type is the V-neck. V-neck wedding dresses make you look taller. The more cleavage; the more elegant your height looks. For this, we recommend you to turn to V-neck wedding dresses. Try to stay away from round necklines. This type of neckline makes you look shorter and makes your body look bulky.

If your decollete is in moderation, there is no reason why you should not look like a swan in your wedding dress. The area where the breasts end should be your size. Deeper decollete can make you feel uncomfortable all day long for fear that it may open. Also, if you wear a very deep decollete, all attention will be focused on the chest.

Slim Waist Appearance

Like every bride, you may want to look thin-waisted. After all, this is your most natural right! For this, corsets will come to your rescue. Since your breasts are big, a thin waist shaped with a corset will help you to reinforce your elegant look.
If you want to use various illusions to make your waist look thin, you can choose belted models. This belted look should start under your breasts. Thick fabrics should be used in this part to achieve a slim waist look that will accompany the posture of your breasts. In addition, full fabrics are less likely to look potty. You may love it, but we recommend you to stay away from lace fabrics at the waist.

Wedding Dresses with Slits

We think that you should prefer Helen-type models when choosing a wedding dress. Because Helen-type wedding dresses with a straight cut camouflage your waist area well. In this way, you will also get rid of the trouble of wearing a corset. Straight cut Helen type wedding dresses made of silk and chiffon will also help you look romantic. These wedding dresses made of flying fabrics stand out as one of the most popular wedding dress models of recent years.

If you are undecided about the skirt cut, we recommend wedding dresses with slits. Consider a V-neck wedding dress without decollete. You can add a slit to this wedding dress model with a chiffon skirt structure. This mysterious slit will make you look romantic and at the same time make you the favorite bride of the day. However, in this type of wedding dress, the waist area must be made of a model with a gathered waist.

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