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things to know about backless wedding dresses, backless wedding dresses

Things to Know About Backless Wedding Dresses

Wedding dress models have many varieties. But among these models, backless wedding dresses stand out with their bright, sexy, bold and exciting features. In this article, we will talk about the important details to know about backless wedding dresses.

Backless wedding dresses first came to the agenda in 1920. At that time, many couturiers started to work on wedding dress models that hide the breasts and reveal the shoulders and back. A hundred years passed, but backless wedding dresses continued to be popular. There are a few important rules to know before making a choice about backless wedding dresses that are suitable for almost every bride.

What is a Backless Wedding Dress?

While browsing the wedding dress catalogs, you will definitely be interested in backless wedding dresses. Backless wedding dresses, which are unique in their field, have a decollete that leaves the back partially open in some cases and in some cases completely open. These wedding dresses with classic, oval, drop, heart-shaped, triangular, rectangular or trapezoidal cuts on the back are known as backless wedding dresses.

Who Can Wear Backless Wedding Dresses?

Back decollete; It is among the most seductive and interesting versions of wedding dress models. Brides-to-be who choose this model should be prepared to collect all eyes on them. As a result, backless wedding dresses are not the right choice for every bride. Well, when this is the case, the following question comes to mind: Who can wear a backless wedding dress?

  • Brides with obvious age spots, acne, acne, scars, wrinkles, rashes, tattoos that are not suitable for the celebration should not make a choice between backless wedding dress models.
  • Backless wedding dresses should be among the most difficult designs to carry. For this reason, the bride should have used open back designs before and should be conscious about how it should stand in the wedding dress.
  • Brides-to-be who are brave enough to break the tradition of looking modest and open-minded enough to innovate to create an unforgettable, eye-catching, striking and bright image.
  • Those with soft and velvety skin.
  • Brides who are confident in themselves and their body lines
  • Those without fat folds on their backs
  • Sagging shoulders and a hunched back will neutralize all the elegance of the backless wedding dress. For this reason, posture and gait must be perfect.

Backless Bridesmaid Dresses

Backless wedding dresses that skillfully convey sexuality and beauty; visually creates a simply mesmerizing effect.

Classic Cut

All bridesmaid dresses with classic cuts such as princess model, A-line, mermaid have wonderful back decollete. Classic cut backless wedding dresses emphasize the elegant curves of the female figure in an extraordinary way. In these models, there is no strict rule that the back must be completely open. Spaghetti straps, pearls and various ornaments add a different meaning to classic cut decollete.  

Lace Back Decollete

Intricate and delicate lace is an indispensable image of wedding dresses. A back decollete decorated with translucent lace perfectly reflects the duality of femininity and charm. Emperor and Rococo style wedding dresses, which are very popular among the models, lace detailed backless wedding dresses 2020 takes its place among the wedding dress designs.

Openwork Weaving

Openwork weaving, which makes you look like a fairy girl, attracts great attention in backless wedding dress models. Openwork weaving, which has an asymmetrical and delicate appearance, is among the most common applications of A-line wedding dress models.

Tied Back Back Decollete

A back decollete tied in the form of a corset creates very elegant and attractive designs for wedding dress designs with a princess model. These designs, which also emphasize femininity in purity and innocence, come to the fore with thin elegant laces.

Bolero Bridesmaid Dresses

Bolero wedding dresses, which are among the interesting wedding dress designs, have closed shoulders and elegant decollete in the form of windows on the back. In general, these models with translucent lace details on the front or sleeves actually have a modest decollete.

Suggestions for Backless Bridesmaid Dresses

  • Wedding dresses with an open back should fit you perfectly. If it does not fit perfectly on the body, you need to make the necessary adjustments before purchasing it.
  • If you are wearing a backless wedding dress at your wedding, you should also pay attention to your hairstyle. It is recommended to wear your hair in a bun that collects your hair from above.
  • If you want a backless wedding dress; you should stay away from mixed cuts and accessories. Back decollete is a bold step. If you have taken this step, you should stay away from accessories that shade this striking detail of the wedding dress.
  • If the back decollete in the wedding dress model is in a bold way; a long string of pearls hanging from the middle of the back will look perfect.
  • You can sprinkle shiny powders on your back, also called Hollywood style.  
  • If you prefer a wedding dress with an open back, it is recommended to wear a long veil.
  • The choice of bra in backless wedding dresses is also a very important detail. The bra you choose should make you comfortable and invisible in the wedding dress. Silicone bras are the most suitable choices for this model wedding dresses.

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