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things to know about rectangular body type, rectangular body type

Things to Know About the Rectangular Body Type

The rectangular body type looks coarser than other body types. This is because almost all proportions are close to each other. The shoulders are wide, the waist is thick to accompany the shoulders, and the hips are quite wide. But don't let this intimidate you. Every body type has aesthetic parts that stand out. The important thing is to reveal this with the right way of dressing. For this reason, in this article, we will give our readers suggestions that will make it easier to choose a wedding dress or dress suitable for the rectangular body type.

How to Choose Clothes for Rectangle Body Type?

Since the waist area is thick, the dresses that will suit you best are the dresses with a straight cut. This type of dresses do not have a waist hollow. Therefore, you can hide the thick appearance of your waist. The clothes that will suit you the most are the ones that reveal your shoulders. Strapless tops, tank tops with straps, swim tank tops and dresses with ruffle details are among the clothes suitable for your body lines.

It's not just your shoulders you're lucky with: since you also have long legs, you can choose from a wide range of pants. If you want to wear low-cut clothes, you can take advantage of the low back.

Wedding Dresses for Rectangular Body Type

When we were talking about the clothes that fit the rectangular body type, we said that highlighting the shoulders reinforces your aesthetic appearance and that you should hide your waist and hips. The same goes for wedding dresses. If you want to make your choice easier or to have an idea, let's talk about a few wedding dress models suitable for the rectangular body type.

Shoulder Decollete Wedding Dresses

No matter what, all eyes should be on you on that special day. For this reason, wedding dresses that will leave your shoulders open are perfect for you. In other words, it's time to dazzle with strapless wedding dresses!

For this, you can choose strapless wedding dresses with a straight neckline or you can also choose wedding dresses with a heart neckline detail. If you want to be romantic, you can enliven the top part with lace. (The first choice of romantic brides is heart neck strapless wedding dresses.) If you prefer a slightly simpler model, satin straight neck strapless cut is for you.

Stick to Leg Cleavage

If you have a rectangular body type, your legs should be long and perfect. For this, the most flashy wedding dress model we can recommend to you; leg low-cut wedding dresses. But you need to pay attention to the limit of the decollete. For example, if your shoulders are open, make sure that the decollete is not deep. If you prefer a wedding dress with deep slits for leg decollete, halter neck wedding dresses should be your first choice. If you are going to wear a long-sleeved wedding dress that completely covers your shoulders, you can choose the leg decollete as deep as you want. The size is completely up to your taste.

Back Decollete Is For You

Backless wedding dresses are a savior wedding dress model for women with rectangular bodies. Therefore, you can benefit from a deep back decollete to reveal your back in its most aesthetic form, there is no need to be afraid. The only point you will pay attention to; to prefer wedding dresses with a full fabric structure. Especially if you want to look mysterious and at the same time wonderful, a backless wedding dress should be your first choice.

Skirt Cut Matters

In the rectangular body structure where the waist area is thick, the wedding dress model must hide the waist. For this, you should pay close attention to the choice of fabric. In addition to fabric choices such as satin and chiffon, you can choose silk fabrics. Wedding dresses with a draped model will camouflage the waist and make you look more elegant. If the details that bother you in this part are too much, you should choose wedding dresses with thin belt details on your waist. If you want to have a sexy look, you can choose strappy models of V-neck wedding dresses. If you do not like plain wedding dresses, wedding dresses with embroidered collars and straight cut are for you.

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  • I think the rectangular body type can actually turn into an ideal body if the waist is thinned with a little exercise. I know that it is really difficult to melt the waist, but with enough exercise, it can be corrected only with regional work without the need for an overly strict diet, and the desired lines can be achieved more easily than other body types.

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