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Tips to Get Rid of Pre-Wedding Anxiety

Tips to Get Rid of Pre-Wedding Anxiety

Pre-wedding marriage anxiety emerges as a problem that many brides-to-be have to deal with. Thoughts such as the wedding preparation phases and moving to a new order after the wedding sometimes surround the bride-to-be with sweet, hectic rosy dreams, but sometimes they unfortunately turn into nightmares. Both sweet and salty... This must be one of the first tests of marriage. Of course, it is possible to overcome these moments that you will experience, both bitter and sweet.

The first thing to do to get rid of anxiety before your wedding is to stop acting like there's no problem. Don't ignore the problems. Instead of keeping them under wraps, bring them to light and address them so that the little worries that have accumulated do not combine with wedding day fatigue and turn into a huge volcano. Therefore, our first job is to identify the problems. Since we decided to focus on the problems and not ignore them, let's first talk about the factors that cause pre-wedding anxiety, determined by experts. Give yourself the opportunity to stop and think about these. In the rest of our article, we will talk about simple but effective tips to solve these problems.

 Causes of Anxiety Before Marriage

Oh, there are so many items that can be listed under this heading... But which topic will stress someone more varies from people's socioeconomic structure to their character structure. While some of us think long and hard about expenses, some of us worry about freedom. New order, another house, being able to adapt to someone else... The question echoing in our minds is 'Am I ready for marriage? Will I be able to make the marriage work? I wonder if he is the right person?' Questions like… All of this aside, the fact that the to-do list for wedding preparations is long and busy is the reason in itself.

Again, take a deep breath. It's all so natural and valid for everyone going through this process that you are never alone. You just need to calm down a bit. Now let's look at the tips we have prepared to help you get rid of these worries.

The Most Expensive Doesn't Always Mean The Most Beautiful

Yes, you are right, I can almost hear you saying, "We don't get married ten times." Yes, you are right again, there is a constant growth in the wedding industry and new trends that change and develop. You encounter a new beauty at every new wedding, engagement or reception you attend. Naturally, you take care of it and include it in your own wedding plans. Well, do you also think about how your increasing "preparation" list might put you in trouble after the wedding? Remember, marriage is not for making things difficult, but for spouses to make life easier for each other. May your ring have less karat but more peace. Your wedding dress may not carry the wedding dress brand of the girl next door, but if you choose the right wedding dress model that reflects you, you will not lose any of your elegance at your wedding. If financial issues bring you to an inextricable point; Now consider your wedding cake, hall, jewellery, hairdresser, wedding flower and even your crown from this perspective. Stretching your feet according to your quilt with such minimalist thoughts will minimize your concerns about budget.

Be Honest and Never Give Up on Communicating

Sincerity is one of the virtues whose fruits are quickly eaten. Do not hesitate to talk about any issue that bothers you with the person you will build a life with. Sharing your love for life with the person will, on the one hand, bring you immense joy, and on the other hand, it will bring to mind possible problems that may arise. The only way to overcome these fears and concerns is to always stay in dialogue with your partner.

Plan, List, Take Notes

You can look at your wedding as the biggest party of your life. You have entered an intense preparation period. Time is running out day by day and you are worried about not being able to make it. Plan it. While doing this, remember that each stage is not a weight on your shoulders, but a sweet rush that you prepare for with your loved one. Take note of everything you need to do. Writing is a proven method of calming down. As you write, your mind will move away from anxious thoughts and focus on what it needs to do. After making your list, do not forget to tick each item you have accomplished. It will be good for you to see that the things you need to do are reduced on white paper.

You Deserve a Coffee

Isn't everything about the "wedding" lately? Wedding shopping, wedding advice, wedding hoo busu... What did they say? There is spaciousness in a disguised place. For example, a little girls' getaway with your favorite friends would definitely be good. Remember that a sincere conversation with friends over coffee often has a psychotherapy effect.


Yes, when you say it like that, it sounds like a curse. Unfortunately, in many parts of our society, crying is still seen as weakness. Fortunately, the truth is not like that at all. If your wedding fears are accompanied by the desire to cry, do not strain yourself to hold back your tears. This adds tension on top of your worries. Crying acts as a sedative. It causes the secretion of the happiness hormone. Toxins in the body are removed. It helps you relax and allows you to face your problems. Maybe "I will both cry and leave." His words should also be viewed from this perspective.

You May Need Expert Advice

You identified your concerns before your wedding, confronted them, and then struggled to get rid of them. Yet, do your fears still stand before you in all their glory? You should not ignore the idea of seeking expert advice. Getting support from a marriage therapist or psychologist will give you confidence in the steps you will take. Expert help often comes to mind as a step that should be taken in case of post-marriage problems. What is true is that there is nothing to be ashamed or shy about getting professional support at every stage of the relationship. If there is a problem you cannot solve, doing what is necessary from the beginning will give you a great advantage in the post-marriage adjustment process. You will start a new life. “Marriage is the most beautiful promise made in a lifetime.” Don't you think it's worth it for the long, happy years you will spend with the person you love?



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