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How to Design Invitations in Canva in Three Steps

There are many sites and programs that can be used to design invitations. You can get information about these sites and programs with a little research. Prominent among these sites and invitation card design where you can easily resolve your issue canva.com and we wanted to introduce you to him.

For couples who want to design their wedding invitations themselves canva program is a pretty good alternative. In this article, canva We will explain how to design invitations with the program and how to use the program.

Canva.comfrom social media posts to posters, brochures to business cards, logos to flyers, book covers to wedding invitation is a platform where you can design in many areas.

Getting Started with Invitation Design

First of all, you need to be a member of the site. Canva.com When becoming a member of the site, the site offers a Premium membership option along with a free membership. In addition, a 1-month free trial version is available for those who choose Premium. You can use the trial version for 1 month and cancel it before 1 month is up. We recommend the 1-month free trial for couples who are thinking of designing their own wedding invitations and whose financial means are not suitable for Premium membership. During the trial period, you can use all the features of the Premium package and benefit from templates and services not offered in the free membership. Please note that while images and downloads are free in the trial version of the Premium membership package, some images and downloads may be paid.

Design Invitation Stage

After becoming a member, when you enter the main page of the site and type the keyword "wedding" in the search tab wedding brochure, wedding invitation, wedding announcement, wedding tag, wedding card, wedding business card, wedding menu, wedding photo collage, wedding magazine cover you can find thousands of quality images in the menus attached with their names. You can design beautiful wedding invitation models using these images, as well as share stories and posts on social media to announce different stages of marriage such as weddings, engagements, promises and weddings. If you wish, you can design different invitations for your relatives, different invitations for your friends, or separate invitations for the bride and groom.

You can modify and edit the image you open to design and make it the way you want it to be. For example; the image you are working on canva.com You can add new shapes, templates or images using stock images; you can also upload your own photos to the site and use them in your work. If you like the image you are working on but don't like the background, you can still have the background you want by using stock images or your own uploaded images.

The names of the couple and their families as well as the address and date of the event are essential elements of an invitation. If you want to write the text in an eye-catching font, you can use any of the more than one hundred and thirty font options and shape the design as you wish. You can also adjust the font size to the size you want, and consider bold or italicized text options.

Canva.comyou also have the possibility to change the color of images, shapes, templates, background images and text. You can set the color harmony between images and text as you like.

The application also allows users to move, enlarge and reduce the images in the design. You can edit the shapes and templates in any way you want, change their position and size using only the mouse.

If you want to design not only one side of the invitation but also the other side, or if the invitation will consist of more than one page, you can click on the plus (+) sign in the upper right corner of the page you are working on; you can expand the design by repeating the work you did on the first page on other pages.

Publishing Design

Invitation card design you have completed your work. You want to save it and print it. After that, it is very easy. You can select the download options by clicking on the download tab in the upper right corner of the screen and complete the process with any of the PNG, JPG, Standard PDF and PDF Print options. At this stage, we recommend that you save / download your design with the PDF Print file type.

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  • I made the invitation design for my own cousin's henna from canvas myself. If you understand a little bit of this design work, I would definitely recommend it. You can come up with very logical things.

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