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Using your maiden name after the wedding

Using the maiden name after the wedding

The most tiring aspects of wedding preparations for couples are usually those related to official procedures. One of these is whether the bride-to-be can use her maiden name after marriage. Using your maiden name after the wedding If you want to use your maiden name after marriage, then we have researched the details for our brides-to-be. using your maiden name after the wedding Let's talk about what should be done for...

Can Only Maiden's Surname Be Used After Marriage?

If you do not make any written declaration regarding the use of your surname after the marriage when applying to the marriage unit of the municipality you are affiliated to for the marriage procedures, your surname after marriage will automatically be your spouse's surname. If you want to use your maiden name as well as your spouse's surname, you can submit a written statement during the marriage application. 10 and you need to indicate this. Can only the maiden name be used after marriage? Our answer: Yes! The way to do this is to apply to the court.

Until September 30, 2015, when married women applied to local courts to use their maiden surnames, the application was rejected. Even if the local courts upheld the decision, the Court of Cassation overturned the decision that married women could only use their maiden surnames. In other words, the way for married women to use only their maiden surnames was closed until this date. On September 30, 2015, with the decision taken by the Supreme Court of Appeals General Assembly of Civil Chambers, women who want to use their maiden name after marriage can obtain this right by filing a lawsuit with the Family Courts.

What Should Those Who Want to Use Their Maiden Surname After Marriage Do?

             Since the obligation of a married woman to take her husband's surname is contrary to the Constitution and the principle of equality, as a result of the decision taken on September 30, 2015, married women who want to use their maiden name can apply to the Family Court and use their maiden name without any justification.

Can Divorced Women Use Their Ex-Husband's Surname?

While we are conveying the details about the use of the surname, let's talk about another issue. We hope that marriages will last a lifetime of happiness, but if divorce occurs after marriage, how does the change of surname of women happen and can divorced women use the surname of their ex-spouse? Let's also address the answers to these questions.

During the divorce, women, as a general rule, take back their maiden name if they do not make any application. Women who have an interest in using their ex-husband's surname and can prove it can continue to use their ex-husband's surname by applying to the court during the divorce case or within 1 year after the divorce is finalized. The point to be underlined here is to make sure that the ex-husband will not suffer any harm. In case of material or moral damage to the ex-spouse, the use of the ex-spouse's surname will be prevented. A very famous name using the surname of his ex-spouse can serve as an example of this situation. Sezen Aksu! Sezen Aksu's maiden name is Yıldırım and her ex-husband's surname is Aksu. Sezen Aksu, who became famous with the surname Aksu, continues to use her ex-husband's surname for a justifiable reason.




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