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ways to get a marriage proposal

Ways to Get a Marriage Proposal

You've been in a relationship that's been going well for a long time and we're guessing you're thinking it's time to tie the knot with the person in your life. But you haven't received a marriage proposal yet, have you? You are with the love of your life and you want this relationship to continue with marriage, but you haven't even gotten a comment from the other party about whether they are serious or not, let alone a marriage proposal? Don't worry, you are not alone; in parallel with modernization in today's society, the rate of marriage is decreasing and it has become much more difficult for men in particular to sit down at the wedding table. So how can you get your future wife to get down on one knee and propose to you? Of course it is possible, but don't forget to listen to our suggestions and invite us to your wedding!... Let's talk about how to convince a loving man to get married and how to make him propose...

How to Propose Marriage to Your Girlfriend?

Be Yourself

Never stop being yourself, no matter what the circumstances. You may meet someone with a dominant character. In order not to lose him/her and in the hope that maybe he/she will marry you, never accept things you don't approve of. Also, don't try to be anyone else. If the other party can accept and love you as you are, you are on the right track. Otherwise, don't ignore that even if you get married, it will be a marriage that doesn't work and will end in divorce. The same goes for you. If you can accept the other person as they are, you can consider getting married. It would be a big mistake to hope that you can change your partner. Love may be blind, but you should not expect your married life to continue happily with someone whose behavior will infuriate you when love is over. In short, don't be someone else, be yourself, you are much more beautiful that way.

Be Sincere and Natural

Trying to pretend to be someone you are not, pretense and unnatural behavior can make you seem unattractive. In addition, pretending to approve of things you don't approve of or expressing words that your partner would like to hear in order to look nice to the other party may be an effective tactic in the short term, but it will not convince the other party to marry you. Therefore, we advise you to act from your heart and express your thoughts clearly.

High Self-Confidence Looks Good on You

Self-confidence and arrogance are very different concepts. Having high self-confidence is important for you to be a popular and quickly accepted person in social life and in your private relationships in general. The basis of self-confidence is your thoughts about yourself. If you have negative ideas about yourself, we recommend that you investigate the reasons for them and transform yourself into a version of yourself that you will appreciate and approve first. We claim that the most beautiful accessory that makes a woman attractive is her self-confidence!

Always Be Well Groomed

We know that we have advised you to be natural in your behavior, but we advise you not to be unnatural in the importance you attach to your appearance. You should always have an attentive and well-groomed appearance whenever possible. The person in your life should always find you glamorous. Even if you have to spend the night together or wake up in the same morning, try to look attractive and well-groomed. In other words, don't show up in front of your future partner with tangled hair and swollen eyes, especially not in sweatpants!

Don't Bother the Person in Your Life

Excessive jealousy and a sense of being controlled will cause the person in your life to run away from you. (It will be a bit ironic, but among the ways to get a marriage proposal is not trying to get a marriage proposal). Let's make a point that will put your mind at ease; whether you are jealous or not, if your partner wants to leave, they will leave anyway. In fact, with excessive jealousy, you will only bring this process forward. You and the person in your life should have private time to spend with others, apart from the time you allocate for each other. While you can freely meet, drink coffee and gossip with your girlfriends, you should allow your boyfriend to have a guys' night out or meet his own friends freely. When you are together, make him feel how loving and pleasant you are.

Don't Be a Mother!

Your boyfriend already has a mother and the last thing he needs is another woman mothering him. Especially if this woman is his girlfriend... You can be loving and attentive, of course; we accept the compassionate situations that arise from the nature of your character, but you should not mother him. For example, deciding what the person in your life eats and wears, showing excessive care and attention, treating her like a fragile object and behaving as if you were talking to a small child are among the behaviors you should avoid.

Why Should He Marry You?

It's as if you are answering the critical question of a job interview. Why should he marry you is another version of why should we hire you? Among the ways to make a man propose marriage is to make him feel why he should marry you. When you look at it, why should a person (whether a man or a woman) who has a job and is in a good mood get married? Doesn't marriage mean taking responsibility for someone else and perhaps losing your peace of mind? No it doesn't! You should make your partner feel that when he or she marries you, you will bring peace into his or her life. He or she should also understand that you will have a happier and more enjoyable life together than if you were to be alone in the same house. He or she should know that you will be a pleasant and fun roommate, not a troublemaker and a cause of unhappiness.

Get Help from a Professional if You Have Marriage Phobia

These things can happen. Even though the person in your life loves you very much, they may not be warm to the idea of marriage because they have lived near you or experienced it through their parents. Marriage may even be a phobia for him/her. There are simple ways to observe this. If you are in a long-term relationship, but your lover never talks about marriage even though he/she has no problem with breaking up, and avoids talking about it when you want to bring up the subject, it is useful to go to a marriage therapist. Can you go to marriage therapy without getting married? Of course you can. If possible, it will make it much easier for couples who are thinking of getting married to have a happy marriage if they go to a marriage therapist for a few sessions before marriage. Let's talk about your lover who is afraid of getting married... Give two options, either you go to a therapist or it's over! If you can afford the possibility of it ending, it is time for you to pull the trigger if the next step for you is absolute marriage. If you also want to be a mother, tick-tock, tick-tock, the clock is ticking and your fertility may be running out.

You Propose

Does the article on ways to get a marriage proposal say you propose? Yes, you didn't hear wrong. We are saying that you should propose to your girlfriend. You have been in a long-standing relationship that you believe in very much, but there has not yet been a marriage proposal from the other party and there is no proposal on the horizon. Propose to the man you love, taking into account the possibility of rejection. Okay, don't get down on your knees and hand the solitaire box to your beloved, but make it clear that you want to marry her. You can organize a surprise for this, even if it is not with a solitaire. Because sometimes you may need to take some steps yourself. If the person in your life is very important to you, you can easily take this step. And since we now live in a society where men and women are equal (in some societies, men still have a different status), your marriage proposal can be considered quite natural.

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